If your company wants control over private access areas, yet access to common areas, check Tyco’s enhanced security management system

by Brianna Crandall — May 15, 2017 — Tyco Security Products, part of Johnson Controls, announces the release of AC2000 v8, which offers new features that increase the performance, simplicity and scope of the AC2000 integrated access control and security management system suite from CEM Systems. These include AC2000 Data Partitioning and enhancements to AC2000 Security Hub command and control application. CEM Systems has also released enhancements to the emerald Intelligent Access Terminal range with the emerald TS100f and TS200f fingerprint terminals.

Richard Fletcher, product manager, CEM Systems, stated:

The latest release of AC2000, which include data partitioning, offers enhancements for multi-site and multi-tenanted customers. AC2000 Data Partitioning is a powerful feature for scenarios where multiple companies utilize a single security management system. It empowers each company by giving them control over their own private access areas while still allowing them access to common areas within the building or campus.

Enhancements within AC2000 Security Hub, centralized command and control application include Map Zones, Threat Levels, Reports, and a seamless video integration interface that enables live video footage for specific configured alarms to be displayed.

AC2000 v8 security management system family

CEM Systems AC2000 v8 Security Management System has new software features, system integrations and enhanced functionality for emerald intelligent access terminal.

This release also offers enhanced functionality of emerald, CEM Systems’ award-winning intelligent access terminal. Designed for use with the CEM Systems AC2000 security management system, emerald terminals not only control access to restricted areas but also “open up a world of infinite possibilities” by bringing AC2000 intelligence directly to the edge.

emerald now supports a configurable Boarding and Deplaning Route Management (BDRM) mode that provides a sophisticated touchscreen-based passenger routing system for airports. emerald BDRM can be pre-programmed to activate a variety of functions from a single selection on the device including enabling relevant signage, interlocking a series of doors to form a route, enabling air bridges, fixed ground power units, and more.

Building on the existing range of video, perimeter, fire and intrusion integrations, AC2000 now offers new integrations including interfaces to DSC PowerSeries Neo intrusion panel, and Milestone XProtect Video Management System.

To find out more about the full list of features and integrations available in AC2000, visit the CEM Systems Web site.