UK info publisher, Emerald, wins corporate excellence award from International Real Estate Society

August 9, 2002—Online management information publisher Emerald, has won an award for outstanding corporate excellence at an international level, from the International Real Estate Society (IRES).

IRES is the federation of regional real estate societies representing real estate researchers and practitioners from around the world. The award has only been presented once before at the corporate level.

The award recognizes the partnership formed between Emerald and IRES in August 2001, one of the first agreements to take advantage of Emeralds partnership program, which develops new ways to broaden access to Emeralds world-class online management information.

Among the benefits the partnership delivers is access, for all IRES members, to Emeralds portfolio of leading international property journals from the IRES website.

The Award recognizes Emeralds contribution to real estate research on an international level.

Emerald’s publication, Facilities , is published regularly on FMLink. Facilities also is the official research publication of EuroFM.

For more information, contact Emerald .