If you need a powerful, intelligible loudspeaker for everyday and emergency notification, indoors or out, this one may fit the bill

by Brianna Crandall — October 16, 2019 — Columbia City, Indiana-based Ultra Electronics USSI just announced it is launching the HyperSpike LineWave, a loudspeaker solution for intelligible voice communication and emergency notification in indoor and outdoor environments. Addressing one of the most difficult challenges facing emergency notification and paging system designers, the LineWave speaker uses technology that is essential for achieving optimal levels of speech intelligibility and powerful tones, in problematic and reverberant spaces.

Ultra Electronics USSI HyperSpike LineWave loudspeaker family

The HyperSpike LineWave family of loudspeakers will provide complete solutions for venues of any size, in numerous challenging environments. Image courtesy Ultra Electronics USSI

The beam-forming capability of the LineWave loudspeaker allows even acoustic coverage across the listening plane, while focusing the acoustic pattern away from surfaces that cause unwanted reflections — also referred to as reverberation. The result is clear, intelligible, direct sound that ensures critical life-saving messages are heard and understood.

The LineWave is available in 70V distributed audio or 16/8/4 Ohm direct drive with power draw ranging from 20W to 160W. Producing a max SPL out of 105dB to 123dB, the loudspeaker is said to offer exceptional scaling capabilities for any sized installation.

Patrick Allison, vice president of Business Development, commented:

We are pleased to offer a HyperSpike emergency notification and paging solution that uses sophisticated technology to solve a prevalent challenge in acoustic design. This release of the LineWave speaker is the first introduction in a family of LineWave products. The LineWave product family will provide complete solutions for any size venue, and expands the opportunity for our fire-life safety, and security partners to provide intelligible, life-saving communication in numerous challenging environments.

Click here to watch a video demonstration of the HyperSpike LineWave. For more information, visit the Hyperspike website. Ultra Electronics USSI is part of London-based Ultra Electronics, a specialist international electrical and electronics engineering company.