Worried about vandals smashing your LED fixtures? See this maintenance-free solution

by Brianna Crandall — April 24, 2017 — ActiveLED, a U.S.-based innovator and manufacturer of performance LED lighting luminaires and a subsidiary of Ringdale Industries, just announced that it has formally introduced the VR Vandal-Resistant LED Lighting Series. This new line of LED fixtures is designed to resist the harshest abuses while providing clear and concise illumination for a higher level of pedestrian safety in an affordable, maintenance-free lighting solution. Since lighting is often the first thing to be targeted by vandals, the tamper-proof hardware is designed to withstand extreme physical assault and environmental abuse.

Vandal-resistant LED fixtures in solar-powered bus terminal

Solar-powered bus terminal with the VR Linear LED Fixture. Photo from ActiveLED.

It is estimated that vandalism in the United States costs taxpayers and business owners over one billion dollars a year. But as ActiveLED points out, that is just the up-front cost; if not brought under control, continued vandalism can lead to lower property values and a loss of business as patrons and customers start avoiding areas that they may perceive to be dangerous or undesirable.

Klaus Bollmann, CEO of ActiveLED, stated:

We’re pleased to offer government and businesses a heavy-duty LED lighting fixture designed to discourage vandals. Studies have shown that good lighting helps prevent vandalism and graffiti in public spaces. Our new series of vandal-resistant LED lighting is designed to ensure that the lighting isn’t the first thing to be destroyed.

The VR Series lighting fixtures are manufactured in the United States from 12-gauge, cold rolled steel, and feature flame-retardant and high-impact-resistant lenses. They also feature LUM-INTENSE, a new LED lighting luminaire technology that combines recent advancements in LED modules, drivers and optics to punch an intense amount of light out of smaller LED fixtures. Designed to give significantly more lumens per watt, this technology delivers more foot-candles at task level while eliminating most glare and light pollution often associated with many other styles of LED fixtures.

The most frequent targets of vandalism are those located in public spaces, or those on private properties that are open to public view, points out ActiveLED. The VR Vandal-Resistant LED Lighting Series can be ideal for use in: public restrooms, transit stations, stairways and pedestrian tunnels, as well as for educational campuses, sports and entertainment venues, and more.

The new VR Series Vandal Resistant LED Lighting Fixtures are available now for purchase from the ActiveLED Web site. The company offers an online brochure to tell more about the fixtures.