Verdantix’s research can help you determine the best IWMS software choices for your facilities

by Brianna Crandall — October 11, 2017 — Independent research and consulting firm Verdantix just released its benchmark of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) following a six-month research process. The benchmark assesses 14 vendors and their platforms on 71 criteria spanning real estate portfolio management through to maintenance management and 40 criteria relating to vendor success factors such as number of deployments and product strategy.

As part of the research, Verdantix interviewed a panel of 19 real estate and facilities management (FM) directors who select, implement and use software. What are the key takeaways for customers looking to invest in real estate and facilities management applications or to rationalize real estate IT with an IWMS platform?

First, buyers looking to replace a roster of legacy and outdated systems with an IWMS have lots of choice, says the firm. In the benchmark, seven vendors made it into the Leaders’ Quadrant: Accruent, ARCHIBUS*, FM:Systems, IBM, MCS Solutions, Planon and Trimble, as they demonstrated an excellent breadth of functionality and strong market momentum.

But even within this group of top vendors, buyers should be aware there are varying depths of functionality, such as ARCHIBUS’ powerful business intelligence and reporting layer for executives, and FM:System’s strength in providing tools to support strategic space planning decisions, advises Verdantix. And both MCS Solutions and Planon are developing their propositions to help their customers effectively leverage the latest technology trend — the Internet of Things (IoT).

Second, buyers should be aware there is a strong disparity in the quality of user interfaces offered through IWMS platforms, points out the firm. In the assessment, iOFFICE scored strongly for its user interface due to its simplicity and intuitive use, which was consistent throughout all desktop and mobile applications. And FSI offers a series of user-focused apps that look to broaden the audience of CAFM to everyday building users.

Third, buyers looking to get the most out of the innovation taking place in the sector should carefully review vendor product development plans. In particular, a new generation of space utilization solutions is re-invigorating the business case for IWMS, based on using better-quality space data to provide greater visibility for real estate directors to evaluate alternative space strategies such as hot-desking or hoteling and site consolidation.

The companies included in the study, as well as their FM products (if different than the company name), are listed below:


Verdantix graph of IWMS providers

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* For more FM-specific information on ARCHIBUS product offerings, see the company’s FMLink ad.