Dimmer made for LEDs provides right amount of light; even works for CFLs and more

by Brianna Crandall — April 14, 2017 — Style meets function in Legrand North America’s latest Wattstopper wall box dimmer line. Recently released Radiant Tru Universal Dimmer features a stylish, clean design and proprietary self-calibration technology that adjusts to any light bulb, making it an easy solution for most dimming needs.

Because this dimmer automatically calibrates to the minimum and maximum trim levels of the lamp, it eliminates poor performance and flicker that can often occur at low light levels with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), notes Wattstopper.

universal dimmer

The Radiant Tru Universal Dimmer features a stylish, clean design and self-calibration technology that adjusts to almost any light bulb.

The universal dimmer is compatible with virtually all lamp types, including LEDs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and incandescent, electronic low voltage (ELV) and magnetic low voltage (MLV) (with the exception of 0-10V LED drivers). As the end-user changes or updates the lighting, the dimmer can be easily reconfigured with a simple touch of a button.

The Radiant Tru Universal Dimmer also brings added benefits of an extended lamp life and energy savings. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Easy installation: The dimmer is designed to save time and space and ensure solid electrical connections with screw pressure-plate back wire terminals. It also supports traditional, wire-loop side wiring. It features a heavy-gauge black anodized aluminum strap, which provides superior heat management and structural strength for mounting against wall surfaces.
  • Less inventory to manage: Dimmers require a large number of SKUs to stock, and with warehouse space a precious commodity, this universal dimmer eliminates having to carry dimmers for every type of lamp on the market.
  • User-friendly: The dimmer is easy to operate.  It combines an on/off decorator switch with a separate slider for easier dimming operation. It features an ergonomic slider grip for more intuitive finger control, and a larger paddle switch that is easy to see and use. A locator LED glows when off to make the dimmer easier to find in the dark.
  • Modern convenience: Like all products in the radiant collection, the dimmer delivers a clean look. It is available with interchangeable faceplates that are available in White, Light Almond, and Ivory.  Additional faceplates from Dark Bronze to Gray are available as an accessory, allowing the device to fit any style or décor.

David Kaminski, product marketing manager at Legrand, said:

The Radiant Tru Universal Dimmer is the industry’s most advanced and simple-to-use dimmer that can work with almost every lamp, giving specifiers the confidence that it will work on any project. Like all Wattstopper dimmers, this dimmer delivers an unmatched level of control — achieving ambiance, convenience, and energy savings, now with added elegance.

For more information, visit the Legrand Web site.