If you’re in the NW US and are looking for cleaning chemicals or toilet paper, this new product line offers variety and value, including eco-friendly items

by Brianna Crandall — October 23, 2019 — WCP Solutions, one of the Western United States’ premier wholesalers of janitorial cleaning products, industrial packaging, paper, and other businesses consumable goods, has relaunched its Supplyways Industrial Product Line with 31 new products including Supplyways chemicals and dispensing systems, towel and tissue, strapping, and stretch film. The new product lines come in a variety of sizes and dispensing options.

Jon Thompson, VP of Sales at WCP Solutions, stated:

We are focused on growing our in-house product offering. Our team has worked to build a grouping of products that offer customers incredible value for their business — that is what our Supplyways brand is all about.

The new product offerings in the Supplyways line are listed below.

New Cleaning Chemical Offerings (2-Liter, 1 Gallon, 5 Gal.)

Dilution Control Chemicals:

  • All Purpose Cleaner (Citrus and Unscented)
  • General Purpose Cleaner
  • Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Quat Disinfectant
  • Bioactive Floor Cleaner and Drain Maintainer
  • Tub, Tile and Restroom Cleaner
The new dilution control cleaning chemicals from WCP Solutions

The new dilution control cleaning chemicals from the Supplyways Industrial Product Line. Image courtesy WCP Solutions

Housekeeping Cleaners:

  • Lighthouse NA Glass Cleaner
  • Clipper Lemon Neutral Cleaner
  • HD General Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Brite 9% HCL Bowl Cleaner

Aerosol Spray Cleaners:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Furniture Polish
  • Stainless Steel Maintainer, Water Based

Floor Care Chemicals:

  • Ultra Durable Floor Finish
  • Diamond Harbor Floor Finish
  • Low Maintenance Floor Finish
  • Ultra Low Odor Floor Stripper
  • Bioactive Floor Cleaner, Drain Maintainer and Spotter
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Kitchen Cleaners:

  • On-Deck Meat Room Cleaner and Degreaser

New Dilution Control Dispensers

  • 4-Way Chemical Locking Dispenser
  • Single Chemical Dispenser (Low Flow)
  • Single Chemical Dispenser (High Flow)
  • Hand-Held Dispenser and Racks

New Janitorial Towel and Tissue

  • Small Core Bath Tissue (3.39″ X 4″, 1000 count)
  • Small Core Bath Tissue (3.19″ width, 1500 count)
  • 3x Small Core Bath Tissue Dispenser (Regular, Jumbo, and Jumbo with Stub Roll)

New Packaging Products

  • Industrial Hand Stretch Film
  • Poly Strapping (Blue, Green, and White)
The new Supplyways Hand Stretch Film from WCP Solutions

The new Supplyways Hand Stretch Film. Image courtesy WCP Solutions

In addition to the new items, WCP also announced a new Supplyways Industrial Product catalog that will feature the new items alongside their full Supplyways product offerings.

Tamara Ferguson, director of Facility Supplies and Food Service, remarked:

We’re so excited to take our revitalized chemical line to the market. A highlight in the portfolio is the improved Supplyways dispensers and labels. The products have been carefully designed to work with a wide variety of customers. Whether your building is small or large, we have a solution that will work for you.

These products are guaranteed to meet a customer’s cleaning needs, but they don’t have to compromise their sustainability values in the process, notes the company. Four of the new Supplyways chemical items are EcoLogo certified, and the Supplyways Towel and Tissue line includes products that are Green Seal Certified and up to 100% recycled.

To order or learn more about the innovative and sustainable products listed above, visit the WCP Facility and Janitorial Supplies product page.

In tandem with WCP’s new line of chemical and cleaning products, the company is offering new industrial packaging products. This new line includes a Supplyways Hand Stretch Film and three different colors of poly strapping (Blue, Green, White).

Family-owned since 1930, WCP Solutions is a wholesale provider of paper, envelopes, packaging supplies, janitorial cleaning and facility supplies, foodservice disposables, and equipment solutions. WCP Solutions services customers from 14 locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.