If you’ve been wanting to take measurements and troubleshoot HVAC systems from a distance, check out these wireless meters

by Brianna Crandall — February 16, 2018 — Sealed Unit Parts Co. (SUPCO), manufacturer and distributor of HVACR components and tools used worldwide, and hardware, software, and cloud solutions company Redfish Instruments recently announced they are partnering to bring powerful new wireless instruments and patented diagnostic mobile app technology to the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry. The two companies unveiled a new line of SUPCO-Redfish Professional Grade Wireless Meters at the 2018 AHR Expo in Chicago at the end of January.

The wireless meters integrate seamlessly with iOS and Android devices through a free SUPCO-Redfish App, which not only helps technicians record voltage, current and/or resistance measurements at a distance from their meters, but also provides diagnostic and troubleshooting guidance to help technicians more efficiently complete their repairs.

Jim Adcox, executive vice president, SUPCO, stated:

The SUPCO-Redfish partnership offers groundbreaking new solutions to our wholesale customers. Wireless connectivity is just beginning to infiltrate the HVACR industry by connecting the tools and devices that we have been using for years and integrating them with the technology that has become embedded into our everyday lives. SUPCO and Redfish are at the forefront of this innovative movement for HVACR technicians by bringing together the best of both worlds: SUPCO’s distribution power and manufacturing capabilities coupled with Redfish’s acumen for application engineering and software development.

Three wireless instrument models are being offered by SUPCO-Redfish during the initial rollout. The iDVM510 is the first meter available for sale. There is also an Accessory Amp Clamp for the iDVM510 for amperage measurement. Two additional wireless meters are in production now and will be available in about 12 weeks — the iDVM550 Clamp Meter and the iDVM500 Multimeter, says the company.

The iDVM510 is touted as the industry’s first iOS and Android enabled multimeter that uses patented technology to wirelessly link to mobile devices via the free SUPCO-Redfish App. The app allows technicians the ability to easily acquire, visualize, store and share electrical measurements. The iDVM510 utilizes the newest Bluetooth Low Energy Standard (BTLE) for extended connection distances, “tremendous” battery life and constant connectivity without the need to attach to a network. The iDVM510 instrument is a true professional-grade CAT IV 1000V and CAT III 600V multimeter tested to IEC/EN61010 safety standards, says SUPCO.

William Steiger, Redfish Instruments, remarked:

The SUPCO-Redfish partnership is going to revolutionize the way that technicians think about their test instruments and how they interact with customers. Through the SUPCO-Redfish App, technicians will be able to remotely share electrical measurements with colleagues, customers and other devices using a familiar interface that allows them to pinch, pan, zoom and scroll through data. Redfish has spent years developing mobile app technology. The SUPCO-Redfish App raises the bar by being intuitive enough to provide useful diagnostics, troubleshooting Bps and product recommendations based on the instrument’s readings and data analysis. It’s truly the next generation of HVACR electrical measurement tools.

SUPCO’s Jim Adcox added:

This is just the beginning of an exciting new journey. Our vision is to continue to expand the SUPCO-Redfish technology into additional products and instruments that will help redefine the future of HVACR repair.

For more information, visit the SUPCO or Redfish Instruments Web site.