It’s World FM Day! Join in events near you to celebrate and promote the global FM industry

by Brianna Crandall — May 17, 2017 — Today is World FM Day, the international awareness day spearheaded by Global FM to celebrate the vital contribution facilities management makes to business worldwide. Many organizations continue events from May 15 to 19 for a full World FM Week. This year’s theme is “Enabling Positive Experiences” to highlight the ways in which FM impacts on positive customer, client and employee experience in all sectors.

Duncan Waddell, chairman of Global FM, explained:

The 2017 theme emphasizes facilities management’s significant role in setting and managing the scene for and delivering exceptional customer experiences worldwide across multiple sectors. The breadth of sectors impacted by FM is everywhere, and there are examples in travel and tourism, residential, entertainment, leisure, health, education and commerce, as well as the wider workplace.

The often unforeseen and disruptive forces in today’s world must be anticipated and managed to ensure stability and success in whatever sectors people seek the deliverables of the FM and their teams to ensure that outcomes and outputs of facilities meet expectations to enhance life whether it is at work, rest or play.

Organizations around the world have organized activities to celebrate FMs and recognize their importance. A few of the major groups and activities are highlighted below.

FMLink publisher part of FM World broadcast

Peter Kimmel, AIA, IFMA Fellow, the publisher of FMLink and a former FM, was invited by the British publication FM World to talk about his view of the state of facilities management currently in the United States and how it differs from FM practice in other parts of the world. The interview is part of a 60-minute live audio broadcast that seeks to provide a snapshot of the FM sector around the world in 2017.

See the World FM Day Broadcast to Provide 2017 Snapshot of FM Worldwide Web page for live streaming of the broadcast, which will take place this morning from 7:00 am to 8:00 am EDT. FM World is inviting facilities managers from across the world to listen in and comment as the broadcast takes place.

A full version of Kimmel’s comments will be available as a paper in a few weeks. Interested readers should send a request to “” and put “World FM Day paper” in the Subject line. An on-demand version of the complete broadcast will also be made available in the days that follow the airing.

Global FM

According to Global FM, World FM Day aims to raise the profile of the FM profession, not just in member regions, but anywhere FMs influence the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilize the built environment.

The organization provides promotional materials such as a poster, Power Point slide and online banner to support World FM Day 2017, and the Web site features a global map of events taking place on the day.


IFMA’s World FM Week Web site offers a special World FM Day video message from RICS CEO Sean Tompkins and IFMA CEO Tony Keane; five days of free content resources to show appreciation for the contributions FMs make to the built environment and the world; and a World FM Week Virtual Conference by IFMA’s FM Consultants Council  (FMCC) throughout the week for a marathon virtual event: travel around the world via your computer with more than 30 free Webinar sessions with FM leaders on topics such as efficiency, space utilization, risk, technology and more.


A host of special events and activities throughout the week have been organized by BIFM members across the U.K. and beyond as part of the global celebration of facilities management and the vital contribution it makes to business worldwide.

Linda Hausmanis, BIFM’s acting chief executive, commented:

Despite employing a large proportion of the U.K. working population and potentially representing 7% of the UK’s overall GDP, there is still a lack of understanding surrounding facilities management and the impact it makes to business, the economy and society. World FM Day aims to raise the profile of the FM profession across all sectors and anywhere FMs influence the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who use the built environment.

Central to this will be sharing stories of the people who make facilities management happen, with a focus on the teams on the ground delivering exceptional FM on a daily basis for the benefit of all. We have already received some great examples of this via our members’ World FM Day case studies, which we will be publishing on the BIFM Web site [this] week along with promoting the range of activities being hosted by our regional volunteers and Special Interest Groups across the U.K. and beyond.

BIFM’s World FM Day site lists events being held throughout the week, case studies, social media connections, and a supporters’ pack with ideas and advice to help those working within facilities management mark World FM Day.

FMLink says “Thanks!”

The editors at FMLink add a big “Thank you!” to our FM readers for all you do to keep our facilities running efficiently, safely, comfortably and sustainably, and thank you for your loyal readership.

Readers can keep up to date with the latest World FM Day news, updates and activities by following the #WorldFMDay hashtag on Twitter.