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Forbo Flooring Systems

Manufacturer of natural linoleum flooring

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Marmoleum is SMART Platinum Certified

Forbo Flooring Systems recently was awarded the Sustainable Materials Rating Technology© (SMART©) Sustainable Platinum Certification as a building product for Marmoleum. The SMART© Consensus Sustainable Product Standards (CSPS) were developed by The Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS) to evaluate the environmental performance of a building product over its life. CSPS is important in combating today’s climate of greenwashing, as it is an independently done, peer reviewed, consensus based standard that allows for transparent communication.

Forbo is a founding member of the USGBC

The Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments (ASBE) is a group of industry leaders dedicated to helping the business community make wise decisions that also help preserve our natural resources. The goal is to inform and educate decision makers at every level that the choices they make in regard to their facilities can be both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Marmoleum is an agriculturally based flooring option

Marmoleum is made from readily renewable natural ingredients including linseed oil, rosin, wood flour and calendared on to a jute backing. Marmoleum has naturally occurring anti-static and antimicrobial properties, making it not only hygienic and easy to clean, but also an aid in the reduction of indoor air pollutants. Marmoleum also features an innovative, water-based Topshield finish that considerably reduces the need for initial maintenance and chemicals, while providing lower cleaning costs and better long-term appearance retention.

Marmoleum sheet and tile products are USDA Certified 100% biobased

Forbo provides Health Product Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations for all products