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July 2016

Show us what you’ve got (Magazines » FM World)
FM careers: The need for a portfolio career, showing as comprehensively trained and communications-savvy; results from BIFM 2016 Pay & Prospects survey

May 2016

Human touch (Magazines » FM World)
How human contact from co-working pays dividends
by Anna King

April 2016

‘Getting’ Carter (Magazines » FM World)
How savings can be made through collaboration and standardized FM procurement procedures
by Nick Martindale

A lighter footprint (Magazines » FM World)
Adoption of 100% renewable energy proves worth of carbon offsetting
by Suresh Kumar

March 2016

Smart city cyber security (Magazines » FM World)
Unprecedented levels of cyber security threats come with smart cities, along with many economic opportunities
by Nicolas Reys

Quest for perfection (Magazines » FM World)
How the FM can play a more active role in quality management
by Nick Martindale

February 2016

Futures shock (Magazines » FM World)
FM is at a point in time where it can have a fundamental impact on its own workers and the people housed; see what the experts say
by The FM World Team

The country files (Magazines » FM World)
Satisfying the needs of stakeholders who work out of the big city
by Duncan Glen

January 2016

Easily LED? (Magazines » FM World)
LED lighting technology is set to replace conventional tungsten and fluorescent lighting: Reduce energy AND help the climate
by Brian Teale