Teknion designs products that work across boundaries. Within any architectural envelope and work culture — furniture that works wherever you work.


UpStage™ changes the way we create the spaces we work in.

  • User Choices
  • Creative Freedom


Journal supports both individual and group needs in a private office setting.

  • Maximized Space Efficiency
  • Adaptable Private Office


District™ reinterprets systems furniture, making efficient use of smaller footprints.

  • Flexibility with Permanent Feel
  • Sustainable Design


Interpret™ is a contemporary desking system that works for virtually any person, any task, anywhere in the world.

  • Reconfigurable Components
  • Simple Kit of Parts

Architectural Walls

Architectural Walls: Altos™ + Optos™

  • Building, Product and Technology Iintegration
  • Return on Investment

Ergonomic Products


The Rise of Ethonomics

A Synthesis of Design, Technology, Science and Humanistic
Principles set within the Context of Social, Economic and Environmental Ethics.

Teknion telephone: 1-877-TEKNION
email: info.us@teknion.com, info.intl@teknion.com
web: www.teknion.com

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