FMLink Newsletter — August 6, 2018


Benchmarking janitorial best practices – Part 3 (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)

CBRE’s free online resource can help your organization keep up with evolving real estate and space usage trends (Products and Services » Publications)

Who are the key access and security systems providers in the US, and how is the industry changing? (Surveys and Trends)

Learn which metrics top companies are using to meet and exceed environment, health and safety (EHS) regulations (Surveys and Trends)

Get a better grasp of the changing energy sector, with this new industry primer (Products and Services » Publications)

As buildings get taller and fire risks rise, this new international coalition is working to make fire safety standards consistent across borders (Associations and Organizations)


Happening this week

There are no events for this week.

Posted this week

Nov 14 : Mid-Atlantic Buildings and Facilities Management Show and Conference (MABFM’18)

Oct 2 – Oct 4 : International Facility Management Expo (iFaME 2018); International Facility Management Conference (IFMC 2018)

Jan 7 – Jan 10 : Building Innovation 2019: National Institute of Building Sciences Conference and Expo


Screenshots of access control software

If you’re looking for centralized access control across multiple sites, check out Johnson Controls’ solution (Products and Services » Security)

Open areas too loud? Now you can add low-maintenance sound-absorbing panels from Rockfon to your walls (Building Products » Products and Services)

Power and convenience for a thorough project or incident cleanup — see Bosch’s cordless wet/dry vacuum (Cleaning Equipment & Supplies » Products and Services)

If your organization can’t afford to be without power, check out this new clean-energy mobile microgrid (Energy » Products and Services)

See how these new LED downlights enable better optic control, with three beam spreads (Lighting » Products and Services)

Looking for vinyl flooring that is not only easy to clean but sound-absorbent and ergonomic? Check out Ecore’s latest (Carpeting & Flooring » Products and Services)

Find out how to reduce toilet backups and clogs with Sloan’s new pressure-assisted toilets (Products and Services » Restroom Equipment and Supplies)