FMLink Newsletter — Energy Management — June 11, 2019

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This newsletter covers energy management news from May 9 through June 12, 2019.


Wondering if energy efficiency and renewable energy investments are worth it? This new report shows more and more companies think so (Surveys and Trends)

Will facility managers still exist in 2030? (Workplace Strategies » Workplace Evolutionaries)
Can we fend off the march of the robots and artificial intelligence?

How many US and Canadian buildings have reached zero energy, and how did they do it? (Surveys and Trends)

If you want to see how cutting-edge building design can lead to lower energy use and costs, look at these award-winning sustainable projects (Developments » Industry Awards)


How much could you save by replacing your inefficient rooftop units? Find out from these award-winning companies (Developments » Industry Awards)

Graphic of DuPont PBS’s thermal, water and air barrier products for the building envelope

For a tight air and moisture barrier on your next building envelope project, check out DuPont’s high-performance materials (Building Products » Products and Services)

Do you need to reduce energy from your lighting sources? Sylvania announces lighting for high-bay applications, office LED downlight replacements and fluorescent retrofits (Lighting » Products and Services)

Manage fluctuating energy costs for your facilities with this new risk management software (Products and Services » Software & Technology)