FMLink Newsletter — Energy Management — May 4, 2017

FMLink Newsletter — Energy Management — May 4, 2017

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This newsletter covers energy management news from March 30 through May 3, 2017.


How you can save energy via IoT in building automation and control systems (Surveys and Trends)

Role of data in operational efficiency (Magazines » FMJ)

Companies are expecting intelligent buildings to do more than ever. Is that shifting the landscape? (Surveys and Trends)

Maintenance benchmarking for outsourcers (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)

Think energy storage is just for utility companies or renewable energy projects? Here is the latest (Surveys and Trends)

Do city energy benchmarking ordinances work? See NEMA’s conclusion (Surveys and Trends)

Are you confident in your data center power management skills? This Eaton guide can help (Products and Services » Publications)

Harness the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve restroom satisfaction and reduce waste (Magazines » BOMA)

Opportunity to keep existing buildings green indefinitely (Sustainability » Leonardo Academy)
A survey analysis on the use of LEED in the college and university marketplace

In the market for a solar photovoltaics system? See who tops the U.S. PV installation market (Surveys and Trends)


Look what Schneider Electric and Microsoft have cooked up to energize large data centers (Products and Services » Energy)

Make your rooftop units more efficient — See how much these companies are saving (Developments » Industry Awards)

Get the real scoop on what your cable management systems do (Surveys and Trends)

Is sustainable design finally taking building performance into account? (Developments » Environment and Sustainability)

HVAC manufacturers welcome President Trump’s tax reform efforts — see why (Associations and Organizations)

A path to high-performance buildings, paved by Danfoss and Penn State (Products and Services » Publications)

Find out how many power outages affect your area and why with Eaton’s Blackout Tracker. Too bad if you’re from California! (Surveys and Trends)

See if this new label will help you find an energy-efficient pump (Associations and Organizations)