FMLink Newsletter — February 26, 2018

FMLink Newsletter — February 26, 2018

See our lead story below, on active shooters and how FMs can and should play a major role.


SPECIAL REPORT: Active shooters — Facility preparation and training recommendations for FMs (Associations and Organizations)
A special report from FMLink to reduce mass shooting incidents and minimize their tragic losses

Which companies are leading the way in global outsourcing services? See IAOP’s 2018 list (Developments » Industry Awards)

Find out how these key trends will affect IoT in 2018 (Surveys and Trends)

Evaporators (How To » BOMI International)
See how the setting impacts the design and type of evaporator used

How does data center supply and demand look for 2018? (Surveys and Trends)

Restroom survey results! How a clean restroom can increase business; how this year’s flu is affecting hand-washing (Surveys and Trends)

Care to guess at how much green buildings save in public health costs and climate impacts (not to mention energy and water savings)? See what this Harvard study shows (Surveys and Trends)

Find out how smart building envelope and ground surface technologies in and around your building can benefit your city (Surveys and Trends)


Happening this week

Feb 26 – Feb 27 : TechSec Solutions

Feb 27 – Mar 1 : INservFM 2018 Exhibition and Conference for Facility Management and Industrial Service

Posted this week

Jun 5 – Jun 7 : Building Lasting Change 2018 (CaGBC National Conference and Expo); WorldGBC Congress

Apr 18 – Apr 20 : Africa Green Building Summit and Exhibition 2018


brightly colored furniture on neutral-colored access flooring

If you’re looking for energy-efficient access flooring, Haworth has joined two companies to create a one-stop source for systems and services (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

Improve your IAQ and dampen noise with these quick-to-install, maintenance-free green walls and room dividers (Environment and Sustainability » Products and Services)

See how USC’s “massive” new on-campus development, furnished by Tangram Interiors, reflects current trends in education facilities (Contract Awards)

Looking for an office chair that fits how people work today? Check out Steelcase’s new high-performance material, eliminating hundreds of parts (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

See why the Canadian government chose JLL’s smart building technology to reduce energy consumption (Surveys and Trends)

Optimize your air quality through sensors that provide actionable insights (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

Find out why the Denver Broncos chose this deicing solution for their headquarters (Contract Awards)

Control thousands of networked security devices and protect them from cyberattacks with this on-premise device management tool (Products and Services » Security)