FMLink Newsletter — Furnishings and Interiors — July 9, 2020

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This newsletter covers furnishings and interiors news from June 11 through July 8, 2020.


“Mistake-proof” your social distancing plans for office furniture layout, physical barriers and traffic flow (Products and Services » Publications)

5 tips to upgrade and prepare your restrooms for reopening (Surveys and Trends)

Neocon 2020: A height-adjustable table you can put together in under 5 minutes? This one has a cable organizer and collision detection (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)


2/90 Step On It Floor Decals

Floor decals, signage, protective barriers — 2/90 Sign Systems can help you make layout changes quickly and keep workers safe (Products and Services » Safety and Health)

NeoCon 2020: Want easy-to-reconfigure tables to set up flexible working spaces for individuals or teams? Add benches with power when needed (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

NeoCon 2020: If you need flooring that helps meet sustainability goals, check out Mohawk’s wood-look resilient and urban-design carpet planks (Carpeting & Flooring » Products and Services)

NeoCon 2020: Limit the spread of airborne particles between workstations with these durable new separation panels (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

If you’re looking for a smart but affordable thermostat, this one offers minimal setup, and control from a distance (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

NeoCon 2020: If you want outdoor furniture that works inside, too, check out Studio TK (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

NeoCon 2020: Need benching that’s more flexible? This one now offers freestanding surfaces, wraparound privacy screens, under-core shelving (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

If you want CDC-acceptable signage with style, these should satisfy new social distancing rules, and they’re customizable, too (Products and Services » Safety and Health)

Boost your disinfecting procedures with these germicidal UV fixtures as your building reopens (Cleaning Equipment, Supplies & Technology » Products and Services)

NeoCon 2020: Versatile tables with built-in power and data ports, and space-efficient storage that doubles as a seat — see HON’s new additions (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

Looking for versatile outdoor furniture? This stylish wood bench system has multiple configurations (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

NeoCon 2020: Looking for furniture that supports your company’s sustainability goals? Keilhauer’s new conference chair is carbon neutral (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

Don’t have room to separate your lobby or waiting area chairs by 6 feet? These freestanding dividers can help (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services » Safety and Health)

NeoCon 2020: Need work booths for focused work or configurable powerstrips with cable management? Check out Steelcase’s latest (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

Check out this safety screen that attaches to your monitor arm and protects your monitor’s surroundings from those behind it (Products and Services » Safety and Health)

See how Aramark’s new reopening platform can help you prioritize safety in 5 critical areas (Products and Services » Software & Technology)