FMLink Newsletter — Furnishings and Interiors — October 18, 2018

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This newsletter covers furnishings and interiors news from September 13 through October 17, 2018.


Which workspace factors are key to keeping employees happy and engaged? See what this industry study found (Surveys and Trends)

See how the Alias Group built its space to promote productivity (Case Studies » HON Company (The))
Marketing company reinvents its existing space to support a more collaborative work environment

See how a college library’s green focus netted it not only LEED Silver, but lower operating costs and a healthier environment (Case Studies » Interface)
Carpet plays a major role in getting LaGrange College its LEED Silver certification

What is keeping you from getting the most out of your facilities technology? (Surveys and Trends)

If you hold an IFMA credential, this report quantifies your performance value to your employer (Surveys and Trends)

From innovative furniture and lighting to wayfinding and all sorts of technology, see the designs that won this year’s IDEA Awards (Other » Products and Services)


Line-up of satin chrom washroom dispensers

If you’re looking for washroom dispensers with an elegant finish that are also easy to clean and maintain, check out Kennedy’s new collection (Products and Services » Restroom Equipment and Supplies)

If you’re looking for a way to convert your desk to a sit-stand desk, even if it is in a corner, check this one out (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

See how VARIDESK tackles the open workspace debate with these easy-to-assemble movable walls (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

Lighting like blue sky? Check out Mitsubishi Electric’s LED system that mimics skylights to boost worker morale and make spaces feel more open (Lighting » Products and Services)

If you’re interested in smart sensing technology for efficient restroom maintenance, see what Kimberly-Clark Professional and GOJO are offering (Products and Services » Restroom Equipment and Supplies)

Ever heard of lighting that can sanitize the air and reduce the spread of illness? Check out this LED retrofit luminaire (Lighting » Products and Services)

Which companies are leading the way in HVAC innovations? Check out the AHR Expo awards for 2019 (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

See how BuildingIQ’s acquisition will extend its smart building services to new construction projects (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

If you need to comply with one of the new feminine product access laws — or just do the right thing, see Bobrick’s expanded free-vend offerings (Products and Services » Restroom Equipment and Supplies)

Find out why ISS and PwC’s outsourcing partnership in the Netherlands gained international recognition (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

If you need to provide access for power, AV and data through concrete, check out this versatile floor box from Leviton (Energy » Products and Services)