FMLink Newsletter — Maintenance and Operations — November 9, 2017

FMLink Newsletter — Operations and Maintenance — November 9, 2017

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This newsletter covers operations and maintenance news from October 5 through November 8, 2017.


Find out which US cities top Orkin’s list for the most rodent treatments — Chicago is #1 again (Surveys and Trends)

Modine’s free maintenance checklist and inspection form will help you keep your heating system working this winter (Products and Services » Publications)

Learn how technology is transforming maintenance services and affecting their procurement (Surveys and Trends)

Benchmarking – How to get started (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)

Ready for winter? These BIFM guides can help with winter maintenance and risk management (Products and Services » Publications)

Energy management—Making the most from available technologies and how to deal with increasing plug loads (How To » BOMI International)
The migration of energy management from the margins of the commercial buildings sector to the mainstream has produced even greater reductions in energy intensity.

What green cleaning can teach building occupants about sustainability? (Sustainability » Ashkin Group)
Ideas to help FMs and the workforce to understand better the importance of sustainability, and apply those ideas both in the office and at home

From maintenance to management: A case study in facility transformation (Magazines » FMJ)

6 factors to leverage knowledge worker productivity (Magazines » FMJ)
How can workers who depend on information be as productive as possible, and what role can the physical environment play in this?

Verdantix’s research can help you determine the best IWMS software choices for your facilities (Surveys and Trends)

BIFM publishes Good Practice Guide with best practices to ensure quality customer service (Products and Services » Publications)

What does resilience mean for commercial real estate? (Magazines » BOMA)
What it takes to prepare for disasters and then quickly return to full operations after a disaster

How to make workplace change easier: Take the human factor into account when making office moves (Magazines » FMJ)

Cintas offers tips to keep floors clean, safe — maintain a good corporate image, even after a storm (Cleaning Equipment & Supplies » Products and Services)

Here’s the latest on safe inspection and preventive maintenance of molded-case circuit breakers (Products and Services » Publications)

Commercial real estate unplugged: a roundtable discussion on technology (Magazines » BOMA)
Evaluating and implementing the technology solutions available for today’s buildings

Proving the value of cleaning investments, dealing with modern customer needs, and recaps of ISSA/INTERCLEAN — watch these free ISSA-TV videos (Products and Services » Publications)

With today’s IoT-connected systems, experts say cybersecurity in the workplace is not just an IT issue, but an FM one as well (Developments » Security Issues)

Here’s what it will cost to bring school security up to par (Surveys and Trends)


Deutsche Telekom building

Find out the value-creating concepts ISS will use to deliver FM services to 9,000 Deutsche Telekom sites (Contract Awards)

See how ISS’s FM partnership will deliver innovative solutions and a consistent level of service to 500 Danish Ministry of Defence sites (Contract Awards)

MRI acquisition of Qube expands FM software support for growing global client base (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

Energy, sustainability, preventive maintenance — find out how Siemens’ new Digital Service Center can help customers proactively achieve goals (Products and Services » Services)

Read this free JLL report to find out how hospital facilities and FM can directly impact patient satisfaction and outcomes (Surveys and Trends)

Improve your data center maintenance and operations with unbiased research from Uptime Institute’s new group (Associations and Organizations)

Take a look at this CMMS app — now available free — enabling staff to manage their maintenance work better (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

If you need to improve your facility’s exterior lighting and security, take a look at these easy-to-install, low-maintenance floodlights (Lighting » Products and Services)

How are BOMA 360 buildings getting top tenant satisfaction rates? (Surveys and Trends)

Track tagged assets in a locker with this RFID-based system from Morse Watchmans (Products and Services » Security)

A robot that docks when needed, self-opening trash bags, and digitally connected tools are just three of the cleaning innovations earning this year’s CMS Purus Awards (Other » Products and Services)

Ever wondered if cleaning products are making you or your staff sick? A pace-setting California law will help you find out (Regulations and Government)

When you need that extra cleaning power after a tough job, check out this heavy-duty but skin-safe hand cleanser with grit (Other » Products and Services)

Now you can upgrade to an IP-based security video management system but keep your analog cameras and cables (Products and Services » Security)

See why Toro won a landscape and snow management equipment contract — will it help you, too? (Contract Awards)

See who BIFM says is driving innovation and delivering exceptional FM results in the UK (Developments » Industry Awards)

ISSA’s merger with the Workloader Benchmarking Alliance will help FMs estimate cleaning costs based on cleaning standards, frequencies and contractor experience (Associations and Organizations)