FMLink Newsletter — May 15, 2017

FMLink Newsletter — May 15, 2017


Tips on enhancing employee productivity in the workplace (Workplace Strategies » WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS)
What the FM can do to contribute to employee productivity

How are FM consultancy services saying to reduce FM spending? (Surveys and Trends)

See how energy savings come from looking at more than individual building components (Products and Services » Publications)

BIM, BAS, IoT — Trying to keep up with all the built environment technologies? This new group is ready to help (Associations and Organizations)

Before you buy HVAC coils, look at their performance data on this site (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

How to ensure building safety as Baby Boomers retire (Associations and Organizations)

Look at what kinds of smart city projects may be coming to your city (Surveys and Trends)

Check out these refrigeration tips to beat the summer heat (Products and Services » Publications)


Happening this week

May 15 – May 17 : Better Buildings Summit 2017

May 15 – May 19 : Green Sky Thinking 2017

May 15 – May 19 : World FM Day/Week 2017

May 17 – May 18 : IFMA Facility Fusion Canada 2017

May 17 – May 18 : NFMT High-Performance Buildings and Workplaces (HPB+W) 2017

May 18 : World Workplace Forum Middle East

Posted this week

Aug 1 – Aug 4 : Campus FM Technology Conference 2017

May 6 – May 10 : LIGHTFAIR International (LFI 2018)


See how your state’s CRE development and operations add to U.S. economy (Surveys and Trends)

Interior of new library

Find out how this facility captures heat through a glass prism and redistributes it (Developments » Environment and Sustainability)

Learn the future direction of LEDs and how IoT can impact that (Surveys and Trends)

Get a grip on safety and reduce floor maintenance with this grippy floor mat (Carpeting and Flooring » Products and Services)

A smart mirror?! This one provides entertainment, ambient control, communication and connection (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

If you’re trying to get the right chemical dilution and reduce product waste when cleaning, check this new dispenser (Other » Products and Services)

This plug-and-play touch panel can let you upgrade your door entry system but still keep it simple (Products and Services » Security)

Can drones check your roof or find heat leaks? You may be surprised at what they can do (Products and Services » Services)

Your project’s team can be on the same page with this free BIM plug-in (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

Could modular construction meet your project needs? Find out how it can increase safety, efficiency (Products and Services » Webinars, Education and Training)

See how this UV technology thoroughly disinfects high-touch surfaces (Other » Products and Services)

Don’t let your long-lasting LED lights turn “dumb” when IoT technology changes (Associations and Organizations)

If you’re looking for LED retrofits or fixtures to save on energy bills, check the wide range of instant-on products ALSET introduced at Lightfair (Associations and Organizations)

See how this trend-setting office space balances coworking with community spaces (Developments » Real Estate)