FMLink Newsletter — May 28, 2018

FMLink Newsletter — May 28, 2018


How do your city’s office vacancy and rental rates compare to those of other US cities? (Surveys and Trends)

Luminaire Level Lighting Controls help office building achieve significant energy savings and integrate building systems (Case Studies » BetterBricks)
Commercial facilities enjoy greater flexibility and energy savings from advanced controls

The economics of sustainable facilities – Why making buildings last longer may be the most sustainable thing to do (Sustainability » FEA (Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.))

Find out how many US corporations are buying off-site, large-scale renewable energy (Surveys and Trends)

Green cleaning, automated cleaning devices, and more — the latest trends in contract cleaning services (Surveys and Trends)

Learn how lighting solutions in sync with occupants’ daily rhythms can improve health and performance, in this Navigant report (Surveys and Trends)

How do your retail maintenance and operations spend compare to those at other locations? (Surveys and Trends)


Happening this week

May 30 – May 31 : CTBUH 2018 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference

Posted this week

Sep 24 – Sep 27 : IAMFA18 Annual Conference (museum facilities)

Sep 23 – Sep 26 : EXCHANGE 2018 (healthcare environment)

Oct 16 – Oct 17 : Education Estates (UK education facilities)


ALICE kiosk configuration

See how this receptionist software update incorporates many security features and compares visitors to external databases, while still serving as a visitor management system (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

A recycling bin with automatic sorting — see how using AI can reduce recycling confusion as well as contamination fines (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

See how Enlighted’s lighting-connected IoT sensor lets you upgrade to keep up with new capabilities as IoT technology advances for multiple building systems (Lighting » Products and Services)

If you need technology to centralize IT access for a coworking space, see what Yardi’s acquisition can do for you (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

See how this new light-powered wireless control can put an end to office thermostat wars (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

You won’t believe how much water can be saved by changing your irrigation spray heads — see what Toro has come up with (Environment and Sustainability » Products and Services)

If you need power for an outdoor event or project, check out this heavy-duty weather-proof extension cord from Larson Electronics (Energy » Products and Services)