FMLink Newsletter — Software — June 21, 2018

FMLink Newsletter — Software — June 21, 2018

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This newsletter covers software and technology news from May 17 through June 20, 2018.


The FAQs on CMMS (Magazines » FMJ)
How to find the right maintenance management system

Benchmarking utility best practices to reduce utility consumption (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)
How to apply benchmarking to identify the best practices most likely to reduce utility consumption in your building

How is the digital workplace affecting employees and the workplace of tomorrow? (Surveys and Trends)

See how the growing use of smart water meters can reduce water losses and improve billing accuracy, according to this report (Surveys and Trends)

Learn how lighting solutions in sync with occupants’ daily rhythms can improve health and performance, in this Navigant report (Surveys and Trends)

See the latest in lighting technology — LIGHTFAIR International announces its 2018 Innovation Awards (Lighting » Products and Services)


If you need technology to centralize IT access for a coworking space, see what Yardi’s acquisition can do for you (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

If you need to track your safety equipment to improve inventory management and compliance, this software and RFID tags can help (Products and Services » Safety and Health)

LED driver

Look for this combo LED driver for conventional and emergency lighting, with 90 minutes of runtime (Lighting » Products and Services)

If you’re looking for more accurate facial recognition software, faster video management or clearer-image cameras, check out Panasonic’s new offerings (Products and Services » Security)

See how Enlighted’s lighting-connected IoT sensor lets you upgrade to keep up with new capabilities as IoT technology advances for multiple building systems (Lighting » Products and Services)

Looking for easy-to-install wireless lighting controls with a simple, intuitive interface? Here are Legrand’s latest solutions (Lighting » Products and Services)

Are your sit-stand desks being used effectively? This app offers guidance and reminders to increase health and productivity (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

In the market for digital signage? Sharp’s smart signage displays offer easy, flexible mounting (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

See how this new light-powered wireless control can put an end to office thermostat wars (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

Too much smart building data and not enough time or budget to act on it? See what BuildingIQ’s fault detection service has to offer (Products and Services » Services)

If you want employees to be able to quickly and securely enter the office using their smartphones, check out this new IoT-based access control system (Products and Services » Security)

See how you can use AI to keep blacklisted persons from entering your facility — check out Dahua’s new surveillance cameras (Products and Services » Security)

Find out how Accruent’s CMMS software acquisition can help your multi-site facilities move from reactive to preventive maintenance (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

If you want to be able to listen in on security incidents or communicate a warning, check out these detached audio and I/O devices for Axis surveillance cameras (Products and Services » Security)

A recycling bin with automatic sorting — see how using AI can reduce recycling confusion as well as contamination fines (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

See how this receptionist software update incorporates many security features and compares visitors to external databases, while still serving as a visitor management system (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

Figure out your air-system requirements with this new app from AMCA (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

If you need to make sure your building infrastructure and systems are network-ready, see what CBRE’s new consulting service offers (Products and Services » Services)

See how this software combines live video and data feeds from numerous sources for comprehensive situational awareness during campus emergencies, such as an active shooter (Products and Services » Security)