FMLink Newsletter — Sustainability — January 10, 2019

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This newsletter covers sustainability news from December 6, 2018 through January 9, 2019.


Cost-effective cuts: How little O&M energy use adjustments can yield big savings (Magazines » FMJ)

Portfolio benchmarking – Example: Utilities (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)
Reasons to benchmark, excuses not to benchmark, and how to get started benchmarking

The Patriots put a lot of energy into conserving it (Case Studies » Excel Dryer, Inc.)
Gillette Stadium Case Study

How to keep your building’s pipes from freezing this winter — watch this industry video for tips (Products and Services » Publications)

Sustainable facilities, resilience, and the Internet of Things (Sustainability » FEA (Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.))
How to integrate today’s trends into an organizational strategy to result in a better workplace

How important are your sustainability metrics to company execs? (Surveys and Trends)

Lessons from the New York City carbon challenge (Magazines » FMJ)


Find out how this new program will help you compare building products’ environmental impact and earn LEED v4 credits (Associations and Organizations)

Water heating system: tank with two heaters

Check out Rinnai’s new commercial water heating system that meets high hot-water demand with lower operating costs, easier serviceability (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

Find out how occupancy-adjusted radar sensors can help you reduce HVAC costs for meeting rooms — without invading workers’ privacy (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

To keep your HVAC heat exchangers working efficiently and for a longer lifespan, check out this proven descaling solution (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

If you need an easy drop-in HVAC retrofit, check out this unit ventilator with more efficiency, less operating noise (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

To keep your floor-care machine, power equipment or utility vehicle up and running, check out Delta-Q’s 1000-watt battery charger (Energy » Products and Services)

See how this IoT technology will alert MGM Bellagio staff to leaks and irregular water use in real time (Contract Awards)

How can you reduce the carbon footprint of your next building project while still meeting performance criteria? (Corporate and Organization » Developments)