FMLink Newsletter — Sustainability — July 4, 2019

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This newsletter covers sustainability news from May 30 through July 3, 2019.


Building the business case for green (Magazines » BOMA)
And don’t forget the soft solutions, such as client engagement and satisfaction

The unforeseen benefit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Magazines » FMJ)
The role of water in today’s global economy, and why its conservation is of paramount importance.

Wondering if energy efficiency and renewable energy investments are worth it? This new report shows more and more companies think so (Surveys and Trends)

Benchmarking utilities – Using best practices to improve performance (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)


Figure 1: PWC’s “Workforce of the future-The competing forces shaping 2030” report is an excellent provocation to think and act.

Will facility managers still exist in 2030? (Workplace Strategies » Workplace Evolutionaries)
Can we fend off the march of the robots and artificial intelligence?

Find out how ASHRAE/DOE’s national priorities for energy efficiency and performance could impact the building industry and you (Developments » Energy Management)

Find out what award-winning landlords and tenants are doing to save energy and reduce costs (Developments » Industry Awards)

NeoCon 2019: Want to use natural daylight but getting too much glare and heat gain? These manual and motorized shades from Draper and Mermet may be the answer (Other » Products and Services)

Find out how Ameresco is helping the US Marine Corps, a California hospital, and NASA reap major energy savings (Contract Awards)

For secure, reliable access to your IAQ, HVAC or FM data, check out GrayWolf’s cloud-based web app (Products and Services » Software & Technology)