FMLink Newsletter — Sustainability — October 12, 2017

FMLink Newsletter — Sustainability — October 12, 2017

This Sustainability newsletter is one of a series of five specialized newsletters, supplementing our weekly general newsletter (sent on Mondays). For each of five weeks you will receive a different specialized newsletter on Thursdays or Fridays, focusing on a different FM-related area. To manage which ones you receive, click on the link below.

This newsletter covers sustainability news from September 7 through October 11, 2011.


Massachusetts edges out California as #1 state for energy efficiency. Find out where your state ranks. (Surveys and Trends)

Don’t let mold catch you off guard if you are cleaning up from Harvey or Irma (Associations and Organizations)

View this report for trends in solid waste management and tips on how to procure services for it (Surveys and Trends)

How building monitoring can improve facility resilience (Sustainability » Linnean Solutions)
What you can do to be better prepared when natural disasters and other unexpected emergencies occur

Energy management—Making the most from available technologies and how to deal with increasing plug loads (How To » BOMI International)
The migration of energy management from the margins of the commercial buildings sector to the mainstream has produced even greater reductions in energy intensity.

Find out how virtual power plants can help you get energy on demand and at a reasonable price (Surveys and Trends)

5 ways remote working is impacting business resilience (Workplace Strategies » WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS)

How is the real estate sector doing in terms of energy, carbon, water and waste? See what GRESB’s 2017 assessment found (Surveys and Trends)

Find out how to reduce the risk of a mold and moisture lawsuit in your next project (Products and Services » Publications)

Reducing energy costs — DOE reveals best practices of Better Plants awardees Harley-Davidson, Johnson Controls, Eastman (Developments » Energy Management)

New program to work with LEED gets you toward goal of zero waste (Associations and Organizations)

Are college campuses hiring sustainability staff? Find out in this AASHE report (Surveys and Trends)


Carton of dry-erase paint

Transform almost any surface into a dry-erase board with this high-performance paint from Benjamin Moore (Building Products » Products and Services)

A personalized building automation system that’s even easier to operate — check out Johnson Controls’ latest version of Metasys (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

This company uses dumpster sensors to make sure your waste services meet your actual needs (Products and Services » Services)

See how to get your custom security robot to last for a month on one battery charge (Products and Services » Security)

See how you can keep a fresh smell throughout your facilities with this fragrance microdiffusion technology (HVAC/IAQ » Products and Services)

Energy, sustainability, preventive maintenance — find out how Siemens’ new Digital Service Center can help customers proactively achieve goals (Products and Services » Services)

If you’re looking for a top-notch landscape architecture firm, find out who won the 2017 ASLA awards (Developments » Industry Awards)

Sustainability monitoring systems, flexible spaces, a Net Zero Energy lab — see which trend-setting features these AIA Award-winning education facilities feature (Developments » Environment and Sustainability)

See how Cornell Tech’s New York campus is adding solar power to move toward being one of the first campuses built for the digital age (Contract Awards)

Energy and water efficiency — find out how Willdan Group is helping California facilities meet state goals (Contract Awards)