Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy policy for the Web site. In this policy, we describe what personal information we collect on our site, how we use it, and your options regarding information we may collect about you. If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us at:

FMLink Group, LLC, P.O. Box 59557, Potomac, MD 20859-9557 | 301.365.1600

Updated August 2, 2006

Policy Protocol

FMLink is P3P compliant. P3P provides a standard, simple, automated way for users to gain more control over the use of personal information on Web sites they visit. It is a Web-based language for describing the privacy policy of a Web site in XML. Using this language, P3P enables users to compare a site’s privacy policy with the user’s privacy preferences before deciding to share personal information with the site.

Information Collected…

From All Visitors

While you are browsing the Web site, anonymous information will be gathered in our computer system log files. We use this information to administer our site and learn, for example, which content is most popular and which areas may be having performance problems. We have no way to relate this information to any one individual.

In addition, we use a cookie called to log your path through our site. This cookie does not store any personally identifiable information about you. Nonetheless, you may chose to reject or delete the cookie at any time. To learn how to do this on your system, read your browser software’s Help file. If you chose to reject this cookie, you will be unable to navigate any password-protected areas of FMLink, and we will not be able to include your interests in our own internal site evaluation. There is no meaningful reason for you to reject this cookie.

From Registered Users

If you have requested that FMLink send you its regularly published newsletter, we will send it to your e-mail address. If you have indicated that FMLink may include your e-mail when sending information from other companies, we will do so. Opting-out from either type of mail may be initiated from within the mail itself, by logging into your account, or by e-mailing

At no time will FMLink share your personal information with anyone outside of FMLink.

In Surveys

If you complete one of our surveys, the data we collect will not be aggregated with the registration data previously provided to FMLink. Only data actually completed on the survey will be submitted to the surveying partner, allowing you to remain anonymous, unless you voluntarily chose to provide personal information for that particular survey.

Accessing your Information

FMLink users may access their stored information by clicking here, or by e-mailing FMLink, in order to correct discrepancies and update records with new address information. See contact information at the beginning of this policy.

Updates to this Policy

As our Web site evolves over time or our data-handling policies change, we will update this privacy policy. Changes will be effective 10 days following the posting of the new policy on the Web site. If we make significant changes to our data-handling practices, we will attempt to notify our active customers in other reasonable ways that may include an administrative email or other notice. This privacy policy will be governed by the laws of the United States and the State of Maryland.