If your company needs an atypical, creative type of meeting space, see if one like this can be found near your location

by Brianna Crandall — February 5, 2018 — Absolute 47, the Boston-based creator of uniquely themed meeting spaces, just announced the opening of its flagship event space.

Decorative glowing shapes on the wall

Absolute 47 offers a unique and interactive meeting space.

Liam Clancy, creative lead, explained:

Absolute 47’s intention is to create an experience that will positively impact lives, even if for only a day. The thought behind the design was to provide a mental break from the typical grey work environment and promote creativity where it is not typically found.

Filled with unique interactive experiences that provide “something surprising” at every corner, Absolute 47 says its creative interpretation of the traditional meeting space will be a game-changer for employers and their employees looking for an escape from the norm. Pulling from Dr. Stuart Brown’s research on the benefits of infusing play into a corporate environment, Absolute 47 seamlessly melds productivity and well-being.

The facility’s Donovan Room is designed to be a fully immersive experience, combining carefully selected imagery and sound, and transporting visitors to beautiful and tranquil environments. The Pods offer a child-like personal oasis with a ladder entrance to an elevated treehouse-styled retreat, complete with oversized pillows, twinkling overhead LED lighting that mimics a starry night, a Chromebook, and Sony wireless headphones.

These experiences and more are combined with state-of-the-art, ultra-modern collaborative technology, including a Microsoft Surface Hub; cozy riser seating for collaborative and memorable meetings; a full-service concierge; door-to-door transportation; and all-inclusive indulgent snacks and drinks. The result is an unforgettable experience for your company, says Absolute 47.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Simon Dealy remarked:

We are capitalizing on profound changes in demographics, urbanization, and technology, all of which are collectively driving a shift towards a more flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative meeting style. Our concept addresses the massive market of users who desire the benefits of a uniquely tailored space but lack the funding or desire to create one.

Absolute 47 is located in a Woburn-based industrial park. For more information or a tour, visit the facility’s Web site.

If your company is not located in Boston, your company can still take advantage of this nascent trend and look for a similar off-site creative meeting space in your area. One site from which to start the search is Peerspace, which helps connect individuals and groups with creative meeting spaces, “from open boardrooms to urban lofts,” or Breather, a similar site that offers creative meeting rooms for rent.