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See what needs to be done up-front to achieve high-performance buildings, according to NIBS

Deep learning, AI, privacy protection, drones — find out how these and other tech trends will impact video surveillance in 2018

Hummingbird App screenshotLearn how FMs can save time by giving occupants this app to locate others, reserve a room, request FM services and more

If you’re looking for integrated, cost-effective mobile access control, check out this software/wireless lock combination

Thinking of replacing your old chiller to save space and energy? Check out Trane’s new water-cooled chillers for tight spaces

Get the best possible return on your facility investments by using APPA’s new Total Cost of Ownership standard

From AI and IoT to robots and drones, IHS Markit identifies eight top technologies that will change the way we do business in 2018

What to do first? PRSM’s new damage survey tool helps retail FMs assess the status of their stores and prioritize recovery efforts after a natural disaster

Whether you’re transporting heavy furniture or unwieldy equipment, see what this lightweight but powerful platform cargo lift can do

See how ISS is offering simple, centralized integrated facility services for this international production company while tailoring solutions to individual sites

Learn the value in terms of property costs and lives saved by using just these two natural hazard mitigation strategies

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Figure 1: Meeting hitch, glitch and fumble5 ways to improve the employee experience when using meeting room technology: Avoiding hitches, glitches and fumbles

How big data transformed the management of 300+ buildings in Philadelphia
Find out how Philadelphia turned a nightmare of bad paperwork, backlogged data and incomplete work orders into citywide success

Record keeping: A foundation for efficient operations

Cutting costs and maintaining tenant comfort with 25-watt T8 lamps
Real Estate Firm Uses 25-Watt T8s as its Go-to Replacement Lamp

Projecting maintenance staffing needs for service providers

Read how Dawson County High School used flooring to create a beautiful, quieter space 
See how the right flooring can positively impact acoustics, installation, maintenance and costs over time

Upgrading the industry: Lessons for commercial real estate from the world of technology
See how technology can guide you to attract and retain the best talent available

Get real: Becoming an authentic leader
Great leadership is not as complicated as it seems: Just be authentic and lead the way you want to be led

Class “A” and intending to stay that way
Case study for the Mall of America: Certification was used to select winning cleaning contractor

Certification of cleaning contractors: Does it matter?
Eight benefits from having a well-trained janitorial staff

Sustainable space planning and management: the FM connection
Making space management save space and the environment, while making it a better experience for its occupants

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