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November 2015

The future face of CRE (Magazines » CoreNet Global: The LEADER)
Upcoming changes for CRE as it gains ground in the C-suite

Office Temperatures (Magazines » CoreNet Global: The LEADER)
Relationship between temperatures and workplace productivity
by Molly Badgett

September 2015

Feeding the Peak (Magazines » CoreNet Global: The LEADER)
With a common mindset of "more is better," is it time to rethink our approach to peak usage?
by Alejandro Navarro

July 2015

The Wellness Integrator (Magazines » CoreNet Global: The LEADER)
An expert to help employees make the most of their mind-body connection to the workplace is more needed than ever
by Ann Marie Aguilar, Victoria Lockhart and Mallory Taub

May 2015

March 2015

January 2015

View from the C-Suite (Magazines » CoreNet Global: The LEADER)
New industry research sheds light on CFO's view of corporate real estate
by Beth Mattson-Teig

Don’t Blink (Magazines » CoreNet Global: The LEADER)
Everything you thought you knew about work and workplace is about to change
by Peter Andrew, MCRh, M Planning & Design (Facilities)

November 2014

Infusing WELLness into the Built Environment (Magazines » CoreNet Global: The LEADER)
How a high-flying partner at Goldman Sachs left his job to focus on buildings and positively impact the health of those working inside.
by Nichole Bazemore