If you’re looking for mobile credentials for access control with integration of elevator controls and wireless locks, check out this latest access control solution

by Brianna Crandall — May 14, 2018 — 3xLOGIC, provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions, and a three-time Deloitte Technology Fast 500 winner, recently announced the newest version of the company’s access control solution, infinias CLOUD 6.3, which it showcased at the ISC West tradeshow in Las Vegas. The company provides easy-to-use surveillance and business intelligence solutions designed to seamlessly integrate video, access control, and disparate data such as ATM, point-of-sale, analytics, and more.

The next-gen mobile credential adds push notification, location services, multifactor authentication (MFA) and upgrades to the default door page. Image courtesy 3xLOGIC

 According to 3xLOGIC, infinias 6.3 brings a number of powerful, new features:

  • Advanced mobile credential: Alert some or all credential holders to sensitive information quickly and easily.
  • New responsive user interface: Designed to deliver a superior user experience on all devices and platforms.
  • Infinias CLOUD’s elevator control: Configuring for elevator control has never been easier for any number of elevator banks and cabs, and with support for up to 64 floors per bank/cab.
  • Integrated wireless locks: Integrated with Allegion’s Engage NDE Series Wireless Locks.
  • Location services: Administrators can configure how close a user must be to a door to gain access, to ensure phone (credential) is present.

The next generation of mobile credential is one of the most exciting features of this new release, says 3xLOGIC. The company’s mobile credential adds push notification, location services, multifactor authentication (MFA) and upgrades to the default door page.

  • Use push notification to alert all your credential holders of any events of significance, such as school opening delays or lockdowns. Notifications can be sent ad hoc to a single person or group, or use the industry-leading infinias Rules Engine for preconfigured notifications based on events. For example, receive a notification when a door is forced between 6 pm and 6 am.
  • Location services add two new capabilities: when a user brings up the app, the three nearest doors are shown automatically on the home page, making the app more convenient, and administrators can also configure how close a user has to be to a door to gain access, to ensure the phone is present.
  • Privileges can now be configured to require MFA, and if so, a user will have to either already have or establish an unlock passcode/biometric/gesture/pin, thus adding “something you are” or “something you know” authentication forms to the existing “something you have” (the credential) for increased security.

Wayne Jared, 3xLOGIC VP of Engineering, pointed out:

Unlike other offerings that require expensive proprietary readers, our mobile credential application is agnostic to any reader on the infinias server and can even work in a reader-less environment, because the application communicates directly to the server to trigger logic.

For more information on the infinias CLOUD 6.3 access control application, visit the 3xLOGIC website.