If you have only 60 days to redesign and transform a branded space, check out Advent’s new service

by Brianna Crandall — September 28, 2018 — Advent, an experiential design firm that creates custom branded spaces, just announced the launch of Advent:60, a service by which clients can redesign an entire space for a quick-turn, high-impact space transformation from beginning to end in 60 days.

Advent has completed more than 2,100 projects across the country for athletic facilities, educational buildings and museums. Through Advent:60, Advent will partner with customers to reimagine the look, feel and design of locker rooms, lobbies, academic areas, meeting rooms and more in only 60 days. This time frame ranks among the fastest in the industry, claims the company.

Advent partners with its customers to create a dynamic, inspiring and engaging experience for those who visit the custom branded space. The company says it tells clarifying brand stories through targeted messaging, stimulating graphics, and innovative problem-solving.

The design team adds color and graphics, cleans up the traffic flow, and adds interactive digital tools for a holistic, personalized experience that moves and engages visitors, whether alumni athletes, parents of prospective students, kids visiting a stadium or museum, or prospective clients entering a corporate lobby or meeting room.

Advent CEO John Roberson remarked:

Advent:60 is an innovation in the marketplace. After listening to the concerns and pressures our customers face, we created a service that allows the greatest degree of flexibility and responsiveness. Not everyone needs a new building or a complete remodel. Advent:60 represents another way Advent will solve problems for our partners.

Through Advent:60, customers can adapt to facility needs related to the arrival of students and prospects, new personnel, recent awards or championships, and more. With a 60-day timeline and Advent’s specialized team, visitor disruption is kept to a minimum.

Advent designer Scott Beavers commented:

Advent:60 is an expression of our commitment to “wow” people. We’ve worked on some of the most visible spaces in the country, and now we can bring that level of partnership to clients with more urgent, short-term needs.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Advent creates branded spaces for professional sports organizations, universities and corporations, designing headquarters, Halls of Fame and more. Throughout its 30-year history, the company has created spaces for the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, Stanford, Tennessee Titans, North Carolina, UCLA, Penn State, TCU and many others.

See photos and explanations of previous projects on the company’s website.