Find out what’s new in security robots, including 360-degree awareness and thermal imaging

by Brianna Crandall — July 28, 2017 — Allied Universal, a U.S.-based facility services company with a security force of over 150,000, and partner Knightscope, a developer of advanced physical security technologies focused on significantly enhancing U.S. security operations, demonstrated security robots in action at the recent BOMA International Conference and Expo in Nashville.

K3 and K5 Knightscope security robots

Allied Universal is using Knightscope K3 and K5 security robots with its services.

Officially called Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs), a K5 model provided security during the conference alongside Allied Universal’s uniformed security professionals, and a K3 model was on display in Allied Universal’s booth.

Steve Jones, CEO, Allied Universal, stated:

The Knightscope K5 and K3 Autonomous Data Machines are groundbreaking in advanced anomaly detection and may be used in many industries and environments. These robots are best equipped to work in routine and sometimes hazardous situations, therein freeing up security personnel to handle more interactive and strategic activities.

The sensor-filled ADMs, along with Allied Universal’s other technology offerings, are expected to create a paradigm shift in the way the company’s customers do business. Some of the security robots’ features and capabilities include:

  • 360-degree video that provides complete awareness and feeds to a security operations center
  • Thermal imaging for identifying fires and gauging proper environmental temperature settings
  • License plate recognition, which is an example of a computational task that may include data collection in a large parking facility
  • Intercom and broadcast capability that can be programmed to relay messages or alert security personnel to immediately dispatch law enforcement

The K3 and K5 ADMs are designed and built in Silicon Valley by Knightscope, and are available to Allied Universal clients nationwide. Deployments have commenced in California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York and Texas.

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