Make sure your green roof has effective water management with this new ASTM standard

by Brianna Crandall — September 6, 2017 —Global standards organization ASTM International’s Committee on Roofing and Waterproofing (D08) has created a new standard that will help professionals design and install waterproofing membranes for “green roofs,” which support sustainability.

Designers and building owners or managers who are overseeing a new green roof installation or renovation should find this new guide most useful. It is intended to supplement detailed instructions from manufacturers, ASTM Standards, and building code requirements.

This standard, D8014-17, Standard Guide for Selection of Membranes Used in Vegetative Roofing Systems, offers various options for reviewing the membrane installation before and after the vegetative components are put in place.  In particular, the guide helps ensure good water management systems.

“This guide will help identify the various conditions a designer should be aware of as well as when choosing a roofing membrane for a vegetative system,” says ASTM International member Joe Schwetz, vice president of Technical Service at Sika Sarnafil in Canton, Massachusetts, USA.

The guide applies to membranes that do or do not require ultraviolet (UV) protection. The guide assumes the supporting structure and roof deck are mechanically and structurally sound and able to accept the weight of the vegetative roof system including the membrane, insulation, and other roofing/waterproofing components, including all components related to the vegetative layers as well as the required design loads. An existing building may require additional reinforcement for the support structure.

To purchase or rent the four-page D8014-17, Standard Guide for Selection of Membranes Used in Vegetative Roofing Systems ($40 for PDF or hardcopy), or for more information about ASTM International standards on sustainable construction, visit the ASTM Web site.