Looking for advanced security video management, but want something that’s still easy to use? See Bosch’s latest

by Brianna Crandall — November 16, 2018 — Multinational engineering and electronics company Bosch recently announced its latest video management system, BVMS 9.0, which the company says follows its “UserFirst” philosophy. Bosch points out that the constant stream of new innovations in the security industry can lead to increased complexity, making installation more complicated, set-up more confusing, and the operation more strenuous.

Two security professionals seated before a bank of monitors

The Bosch Video Management System provides advanced management and interpretation of digital security video, audio and data, with scalability, resiliency and user focus. Image courtesy Bosch

So, the company’s guideline is to design each technical and software innovation around the installers, users, operators, integrators and information technology (IT) specialists. Bosch says this principle ensures every innovation not only advances the safety and security of people and property, but also makes the usability of the technology or software as smart and intuitive as the innovation itself.

Originally launched in 2007, the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) is designed to provide seamless management and interpretation of digital video, audio and security data transmitted across Internet protocol (IP) networks in over 17,000 installations worldwide. BVMS offers full scalability, enabling the expansion of video surveillance systems according to specific requirements and the management of up to 200,000 cameras.

The system also features technology that keeps operations functioning even when Management and Recording servers fail, to ensure resilience. With the release of BVMS 9.0, Bosch says it is putting the operator first with an enhanced user experience, and reduced storage consumption.

Reduced storage consumption

BVMS 9.0 fully supports Intelligent streaming, an advanced technology developed to substantially reduce bitrates without compromising image quality. This intelligent data management technology is offered built-in as standard in the majority of Bosch IP camera portfolio. Enabled by the camera’s built-in video analytics, Intelligent streaming smartly adjusts encoder settings based on movement in the whole, or in sections of the scene, to achieve the most efficient bitrate.

Combined with built-in Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and H.265 video encoding, bitrates can be reduced by up to 80 percent. As a result, security managers or IT managers can substantially lower their storage costs and network strain.

Enhanced user experience

Besides cost efficiency, the Bosch Video Management System 9.0 introduces a completely renewed graphical user interface (GUI), including a unified color scheme, while alerts, maintenance messages and notifications are clearly displayed in color against a dark grey background. This development was designed to improve the levels of security by ensuring the operator’s attention is directly drawn to objects or events of significance. An additional advantage is the improved contrast between text (alerts, messages and notifications), camera footage and background (controls and operator menus), which is intended to relieve eye strain and reduce operator fatigue.

Another “UserFirst” innovation of BVMS 9.0 to enhance viewer options is the ability to display individual alarm set-ups, whereby alarms can be sequenced in priority then automatically appear on-screen, providing the operator with a complete overview of a situation and the ability to react quickly by eliminating the need to search through a list view with multiple alarms.

The ability to limit the amount of camera views (cameos) on a single screen also saves time, as it keeps operators from being overloaded with information. Moreover, BVMS 9.0 improves mouse-based control of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras via a straightforward drag-and-drop mode, which simplifies the pursuit of moving objects. This new interface and enhanced controls were engineered to improve user  effectiveness, reducing fatigue-related errors and improving security and safety.


The introduction of BVMS 9.0 will coincide with the renewal of the license model. In addition to the existing licenses, BVMS Plus will be introduced to make it easier and more flexible to scale up and meet new demands and expansions as they happen. BVMS Plus is recommended for the video management of mid-sized applications, with up to 256 video channels which need the flexibility to grow. When customer needs exceed 256 video channels, BVMS Plus can be upgraded to BVMS Professional (up to 2,000 video channels), or BVMS Enterprise (up to 200,000 video channels).

For more information about the Bosch Video Management System 9.0, visit the Bosch website or read the BVMS 9.0 Release Notes.