Boss Design task chair aims to revolutionize office seating with new type of movement

by Brianna Crandall — March 10, 2017 — High-quality office seating and commercial furniture supplier Boss Design is introducing a “groundbreaking” new task chair in the U.S. market that it says has already blazed a trail across Europe.

According to Boss Design, the new Trinetic task chair incorporates a “brand-new type of movement that creates a superior and completely natural user experience.” With no manual user adjustments required, it uses three independent pivot points to create a chair that “follows” rather than resists the user.

This promotes better support through a wide range of body movements, and is proven to increase contact with the user’s body through the full length of the seat and back surface compared to traditional synchronized mechanisms, says the company. This provides greater comfort and encourages a more dynamic user experience.

Trinetic task chair

Trinetic task chair by Boss Design is said to incorporate a “brand-new type of movement” to create a “superior and completely natural user experience,” with tangible ergonomic and commercial benefits.

Boasting a sophisticated and refined aesthetic, Trinetic is built around an aluminum cradle that can be finished in a wide array of styles. It can be supplied in any combination of mesh, fabric or leather seat and backrest, together with a choice of four and five-star base options. It is ideal for flexible working and for those who want a task chair, but can also be specified as a touchdown work, meeting or conference chair.

Jeff Thompson, president of Boss Design North America, commented:

Trinetic has revolutionized office task chairs as we know them. With well-being in the workplace a major consideration, Trinetic delivers numerous ergonomic benefits that include: improved contact and support; better pressure distribution; and a better fit for a broad range of user shapes and sizes, without placing the emphasis on the user to make any adjustments. The absence of a lockable backrest also encourages users to remain dynamic, avoiding static postures — the primary cause of musculoskeletal stress.

Commercially, Trinetic also demonstrates tangible advantages by reducing the need for training — a significant financial burden to clients and manufacturers alike. Instead, the Trinetic video can be uploaded onto our clients’ intranets in order to educate users of the product’s benefits

With manufacturing facilities in High Point, North Carolina, Boss Design is part of the British Boss Design Group established in 1983, which currently manufactures across five continents and supplies innovative and quality engineered commercial seating worldwide. As a carbon-neutral company, the Group is committed to reducing, reusing and recycling materials within all production processes, and a unique service allows its furniture to be 100% reused or recycled.