If you need to make sure your building infrastructure and systems are network-ready, see what CBRE’s new consulting service offers

by Brianna Crandall — June 8, 2018 — Global commercial real estate services firm CBRE’s Valuation and Advisory Services (VAS) just announced that Rick Varnell, a 30-year technology and telecommunications veteran, has joined the company to lead a new consulting practice in the US that will advise building owners on readying their properties to support the ever-increasing demands for bandwidth, mobile coverage and signal strength.

The focus of the new practice will be on building infrastructure demands to support applications and data capture.

Much like plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, building technological systems must be evaluated for “load,” or increased bandwidth requirements, through a unified services approach, explains CBRE. This approach will confirm that the prescribed technology path for the network infrastructure (risers, internal wiring, connections to larger fiber optic networks, cellular signal strength and capacity, 5G readiness, IOT networks, etc.) and building systems are properly designed, implemented and maintained to maximize the expected benefits of the “Fourth Utility” type of technology services.

CBRE’s consultants address fundamental network issues, focusing on critical areas such as:

  • Rooftop management strategies: Effective management of rooftop space to improve connectivity to and around a building as well as provide income strategies for owners
  • In-building network solutions: Evaluation of internal technological infrastructure for its ability to carry and support various technologies such as IoT; Lit and Dark Fiber offerings, Guest and Private Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Navigating technology providers: Navigation of the technological landscape of offerings qualifying the best solutions that can be tailored to needs of the entire building.
  • Public safety and regulatory: Public safety and first responder networks, NEPA requirements, Rf safety protocols, etc., are harnessed through providers aggregated by Building Technology Consultancy.

Varnell will work closely with key industry service providers to support a macro technology strategy for building owners. These include Intel and Boingo, and innovative technology partners such as CrossLayer, Digitalware, IndoorVu, GroundVu, and Waterford Consultants, among others.

Jason Lund, executive managing director, Valuation and Advisory Services, CBRE, stated:

We’re looking to close a wide communications gap between the technology and commercial real estate sectors.  We are working with clients in both worlds to bridge that gap and help them achieve mutually beneficial solutions and to support the opportunities being offered in the marketplace.

Varnell, executive vice president, CBRE, added:

We will enable building owners to integrate future-ready technology solutions that evolve. Our intent is that new tenants, operations and services can be seamlessly onboarded as internet- and cloud-based offerings continue to proliferate.

For more information on this building technology consulting service, see the Valuation and Advisory Services webpage or contact Rick Varnell.