If you’re looking for centralized access control across multiple sites, check out Johnson Controls’ solution

by Brianna Crandall — August 3, 2018 — Global diversified technology provider Johnson Controls recently announced the release of CEM Systems AC2000 v10.0, which offers users a  modernized look and feel along with new features such as enhanced enterprise capabilities that increase the performance and scope of the AC2000 access control system suite from CEM Systems.

Screenshots of access control software

CEM Systems AC2000 v10.0 provides centralized access control and monitoring capability for wide geographical distribution or business unit separation. Image courtesy Johnson Controls

CEM Systems AC2000 v10.0 workstation client applications have been re-styled with a modern, clean and intuitive interface. The restyle has focused on the user experience with improvements to all visual elements of the applications. Operators are now able to select their preferred theme (light or dark) to run their AC2000 Workstation Client applications in.

A major feature of AC2000 v10.0 is the enhancements to the enterprise offering for standard, Lite and Airport editions. The enhanced enterprise system provides centralized access control and monitoring capability where wide geographical distribution occurs, or where departmental or business unit separation is necessary. The new architecture improves device configuration, reporting, alarm processing and personnel management across multiple site locations.

A business or organization can scale its single-site AC2000 access control system to a multi-site enterprise solution, while at the same unifying policy requirements and reducing administrative and operational costs. Each business unit can be administered at a local and/or centralized level.

Other features of AC2000 v10.0 include new visitor escort functionality to ensure visitors are not left unaccompanied around secured areas, and unrestricted AC2000 Authorization levels to reduce configuration times for users and user groups.

Building on the range of ID scanner integrations, AC2000 now offers a new interface to SnapShell ID and passport scanner.

For more information about CEM Systems AC2000 v10.0, visit the company’s website.