Space dividers that double as bullet-resistant barriers — see how these steel-core panels can enhance safety discreetly in a variety of settings

by Brianna Crandall — April 16, 2018 — Pioneering visual display and writing surface manufacturer Claridge Products just announced the launch of PRO-TACT Ballistic Barriers, an extensive range of bullet-resistant, modular, space-dividing panels for public spaces where increased safety is required. The panels remain discreet and serve a purpose by featuring display or writing surfaces on either side.

A steel-core space divider with 2 panels that doubles as a ballistic barrier

PRO-TACT Ballistic Barriers are discreet space dividers, stationary or mobile, with a steel core that provides bullet-resistant protection for public spaces. Courtesy Claridge

Kurt James, Claridge marketing director, stated:

PRO-TACT Ballistic Barriers provide a level of enhanced safety that bridges the gap between body armor and structural blast protection. And they’re as unobtrusive as any commercial office dividers.

Designed for secure environments such as military installations and recruitment centers, airports, worship centers, courtrooms and schools, PRO-TACT Ballistic Barriers integrate discreetly into any interior environment while providing enhanced protection for a building’s occupants and visitors.

PRO-TACT panels are available in stationary and mobile versions, meet ASTM E-84 Class A, and have been GREENGUARD-Certified for indoor air quality (IAQ). Both the stationary and mobile models (and all joint connections in the stationary model) are UL 752 Level 7 and 8 listed and independently tested to NIJ Level 3. For certain ballistic materials, UL 7 presents a greater threat than either UL 8 or NIJ3, so Claridge says it chose to achieve dual UL listings.

All PRO-TACT Ballistic Barriers are bi-directional and contain a high-hardness steel core coated with 100% polyurea elastomer to lessen ricochet, spall and splatter. Stationary panels are available in standard heights and widths ranging from 4’ (H) x 2’ (W) to 6’ (H) x 4’ (W); mobile panels in heights and widths from 4′ (H) x 3’ (W) to 6′ (H) x 4′ (W).

Finished surface options include porcelain enamel steel markerboard or Designer Series Fabric tackable surfaces in a choice of 10 colors.

For more information, see the PRO-TACT Ballistic Barriers fact sheet.