NeoCon 2018: Maximize wall space while adding a dry-erase surface — check out Clarus’s award-winning solution

by Brianna Crandall — July 13, 2018 — Glassboard pioneer Clarus introduced its newest product, Glide, at the NeoCon 2018 contract furnishings show last month, where the product won Contract Magazine’s Best of NeoCon 2018 Gold award in the Architectural Products category. As the innovator of the glassboard, Clarus has made glass roll, formulated infinite color with glass, and created projection glass — and now has made glass slide across the wall.

Glide maximizes existing wall space to inspire personal communication.

Sliding glassboard panels mounted on wall

Glide integrated sliding dry-erase glassboard elevates modern design with hundreds of square feet of writable surface consolidated into one concise product. Image courtesy Clarus

Glide is said to be the first of its kind, a fully integrated glassboard system that allows glass to smoothly move across wall-mounted glassboards — an aesthetic, high-design glassboard engineered to last for decades. Clarus says it continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible by taking two-dimensional glass and creating Glide — a beautiful, three-dimensional product that elevates modern design with hundreds of square feet of writable surface consolidated into one concise product.

Brittney Ricks, VP of Brand at Clarus, commented:

The detailed engineering of our products takes years to research, dream, and design — and that’s what sets our products above any others in the industry. When you experience what glass feels like when it truly glides across the wall — that’s unforgettable. And when the influencers in our industry, like Contract Magazine, recognize the beauty behind Clarus glass — that makes the painstaking design so worth it.

Clarus’s obsessive attention to detail inspired its product masterminds to include minute details within Glide’s design. Not only did the Clarus design team create completely hidden hardware and finger-protection bumpers, but the team harvested proprietary, in-line rollerblade wheels to create a seamless, smooth track design, so that every user experiences what it means to “glide” glass across the wall.

To learn more about Glide and other Clarus products at the Merchandise Mart showroom, visit the product or showroom page or the NeoCon presentation on the company’s website.