If you’re wondering how to move your data center with the least downtime, check this new service

by Brianna Crandall — August 4, 2017 — COLOTRAQ, a master agency dedicated to data center infrastructure, announced the launch of a Data Center Migration service for its clients and agent partners. Technology infrastructure is the critical fiber, fuel, and foundation for the business engine of today and of the future, and as such migrating this infrastructure is a critical success factor, points out the company — a single hour of downtime can cost a business millions of dollars in lost revenue.

COLOTRAQ says it will insure its clients’ information technology (IT) equipment will be handled with great care and re-installed to their exact specifications. The company’s team of experts will consult with the client to identify their goals and customize a solution specific to meet their intended business objectives.  Whether across town or around the globe, COLOTRAQ says it can help clients expand or relocate their data center, consolidate into an existing data center, or merge their infrastructure with another company.

COLOTRAQ’s Data Center Migration service now being offered includes:

(a) Initiation and data gathering;

(b) Assessment of infrastructure design and system requirements;

(c) Decomposition — applications and services analysis;

(d) High level migration strategy;

(e) Detailed planning / requirements;

(f) Execution management and implementation; and

(g) Turnover to operations.

From developing hour-by-hour migration scripts to consolidating and sequencing all migration cutovers to post-move summarization event reports, COLOTRAQ covers every aspect of the migration.

Commenting on the new service, Dany Bouchedid, COLOTRAQ’s CEO, remarked:

Our experience has been that data center migrations are the single most critical move a company can make and remain the primary reason many companies don’t take advantage of the growing number of newer, more efficient data centers in the marketplace. Our goal is to mitigate the risk and reduce the resource strain a data center move can place on an organization.

COLOTRAQ is a global sourcing advisory firm and master agency for colocation, managed hosting, cloud and related network services. Since 1999, COLOTRAQ has been helping find data center infrastructure solutions for businesses and institutions worldwide through its vast network of over 400 service providers in over 1,300 cities across 140 countries and territories. COLOTRAQ says it can instantly match customer requirements from a single rack to thousands of square feet of data center space along with managed hosting, cloud-based infrastructure and network services.