Find out why the Denver Broncos chose this deicing solution for their headquarters

by Brianna Crandall — February 19, 2018 — Turf products and technologies company SynaTek Solutions has just announced that the National Football League’s (NFL) Denver Broncos Football Club has selected its Entry deicing and anti-icing fluid for use at the team’s headquarters at The UCHealth Training Center in Englewood, Colorado.

According to SynaTek, Entry provides users many advantages over the use of traditional calcium, sodium and magnesium chloride granular products.

Nate Clemmer, CEO and managing partner of SynaTek Solutions, stated:

When tracked into a facility, all chloride granular deicers leave a white residue that can dull the finish of floors and fade the color of carpets. Calcium and magnesium chloride-based products coat floors with an oily, slippery residue that damages wax and urethane finishes and poses a safety risk.

Entry’s neutral pH formulation uses potassium formate, the salt of BASF’s Formic Acid technology, to eliminate tracking, reducing near-term labor costs associated with manual cleaning.

The new deicing and anti-icing fluid also is an eco-friendly, non-corrosive deicing alternative. Granular chloride products are all hygroscopic, meaning they draw moisture from the atmosphere, explains SynaTek, and they are harmful if swallowed by people or pets and will damage turf, ornamental plants and waterways. In contrast, the company says potassium formate deicers are 100% chloride free and are readily biodegradable, and they are safer for pets, plants, metals and concrete.

According to the company, Entry melts ice faster than chloride-based granular products, which take a minimum of three to five minutes to achieve an acceptable melt — and as much as 10 minutes. Potassium formate enables Entry to increase the speed of snow/ice melt to about 30 to 50 seconds by reducing the freezing point to approximately minus 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

Entry is designed to be easy to apply and cost-effective for deicing and anti-icing. Most users will achieve a lower application cost per 1,000 sq. ft. with liquids than with granular deicers.

SynaTek Solutions markets Entry to snow professionals and facilities managers (FMs) through its Secure Winter Products brand and to consumers through Branch Creek.  Entry was introduced in the United States in June 2017. For more information, visit the Denver Broncos story page on the Secure Winter Products Web site, or the Chloride-free Entry Web site.

Headquartered in Souderton, Pennsylvania, SynaTek Solutions develops and manufactures products and technologies for the golf, landscape, agriculture and ice melt industries. Through its four brands — SynaTek Reach distribution, Branch Creek, Ecotronics and Secure Winter Products — SynaTek offers customers the most complete line of products and services designed to maximize profits while minimizing environmental impact.