Looking for a durable, easy-to-service trash can for a high-traffic area? Check out Ex-Cell Kaiser’s new 20-gallon can

by Brianna Crandall — August 24, 2018 — Recycling and waste receptacle provider Ex-Cell Kaiser recently announced the new 20-gallon VC-2234 Half Round Waste Receptacle. The company explains that while researching the market, it became apparent there was a void in larger-capacity half-round units. Competitive units are typically much smaller, usually between 8 and 12 gallons, and are unable to serve high-traffic areas, says Ex-Cell Kaiser, and the company found few trash can options in the marketplace above a 12-gallon capacity.

Ex-Cell Kaiser’s VC-2234 HR brings a fresh option to this segment in the market. Borrowing from the attractive perforated stainless-steel design of the company’s popular Venue Collection, this half-round unit combines style and a large 20-gallon capacity to serve the waste receptacle market.

Semi-circular stainless steel trash can

Ex-Cell Kaiser’s VC-2234 Half Round Waste Receptacle combines durability, serviceability and style with a large 20-gallon capacity for high-traffic environments. Image courtesy Ex-Cell Kaiser

According to the company, the VC-2234 HR trash can provides a more durable option to the aluminum or thinner-gauge stainless half-round receptacles currently available in the market. The unit’s stainless-steel construction is designed to provide increased resistance to corrosion and to hold up better and longer in high-traffic environments, where carts, luggage, strollers, vacuums and more are likely to make contact.

In addition, the VC-2234 HR has several features that distance it from the competition, including a hinged lid, a lift-out liner for easy serviceability, a solid bottom (which is reportedly not available on all competitive units), and feet that keep the unit slightly elevated.

The VC-2234 Half Round Waste Receptacle is available with two textured, powder-coated lid colors: platinum and black.

With 85 years of experience, Ex-Cell Kaiser says it offers short lead times, competitive pricing, and the ability to customize any receptacle with an organization’s colors or graphics.

The complete Venue Collection of recycling and waste receptacles is available to order from the company’s website.