If you’re looking for a way to clean and sanitize almost any surface with one tool, check out Goodway’s dry steam/vacuum tool with germ-killing UV-C light

by Brianna Crandall — March 28, 2018 — Expected to be a new favorite among facilities managers (FMs), Goodway Technologies recently announced its newest surface maintenance solution — the ETL Certified, GVC-18VAC. This innovative product combines the effectiveness of dry steam cleaning and an award-winning vacuum system. The versatile system is engineered to clean and sanitize almost any surface, making it a resourceful tool to add to your equipment roster.

Made for flexibility and ease, the two-in-one steam and vacuum system allows the user to find the ideal setting for any job while also regulating the flow of hot water, maintaining the perfect moisture control level to effectively clean and sanitize desks, seats, work tables, upholstery, carpets, carts, door handles and more.

Combo dry steam/vacuum tool

The GVC-18VAC combines the effectiveness of dry steam cleaning and a vacuum system for cleaning and sanitizing almost any surface. Courtesy Goodway

The environmentally friendly GVC-18VAC provides quick and effective cleaning by utilizing steam pressure, minimizing water consumption at a high temperature and avoiding harsh chemicals.

The built-in vacuum is equipped with an innovative UV-C germicidal light technology that kills collected bacteria before exhausting purified clean air.

Tim Kane, president of Goodway Technologies, remarked:

Merging dry vapor steam and vacuum capabilities into one convenient tool for facility managers makes maintenance in a variety of situations much easier. The GVC-18VAC offers the best of both worlds and is a simple, yet effective solution for our maintenance professionals.

The GVC-18VAC is versatile throughout several different industries, including:

  • Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial — Equipped with a 10’ hose and floor tools with removable brushes, including small, large, and a brush made specifically for corners, the GVC-18VAC is designed to take on any job, large or small.
  • Retail — Carts, workspaces and high-traffic areas are now easier to tackle and maintain.
  • Food/Beverage — Dry steam products are ideal for the food and beverage industry, where moisture control is crucial, while being mindful of safety and food regulations.
  • Hospitality/Property Management — The moisture control capabilities allow targeted cleaning on upholstery and other furniture, as well as carpets. The GVC-18VAC hose attachment also allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Healthcare — In areas with equipment sensitive to water or other chemicals, the GVC-18VAC effectively cleans and sanitizes without harming electronics or machinery using the dry steam.

GVC-18VAC features include:

  • Three adjustable settings each for steam and suction power
  • Control valve for hot water moisture level
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ability to clean multiple surface types
  • Philips brand UV-C germicidal filtration system

For more information on the GVC-18VAC Commercial Steam Cleaner with Vacuum or Goodway’s complete line of facilities maintenance equipment, visit the company’s Web site.