If you’re in the market for an affordable adjustable-height desk with fast delivery time, see Howard Miller’s latest

by Brianna Crandall — May 29, 2019 — Howard Miller, a US-based manufacturer of fine home and office furnishings for over 90 years, recently introduced SmartMoves custom adjustable-height desks that offer today’s career professionals more choice, value, and immediacy in this popular desk category. Howard Miller says the ergonomic designs and domestic manufacturing processes the company utilizes mean a better constructed, more affordable, and faster delivered adjustable-height desk for these discerning, value-driven consumers.

Female worker by a Howard Miller SmartMoves custom adjustable-height desk

The SmartMoves custom adjustable-height desk offers choice, value and immediacy for a healthier work environment in commercial or home offices. Image courtesy Howard Miller

Studies show that too much sitting at work can have a negative impact on one’s overall health, points out Howard Miller. Fortunately, a simple solution exists… just stand up. Standing for even part of the workday at a SmartMoves adjustable-height desk counteracts many of the harmful effects associated with sitting all day at a stationary desk, says the company.

Today’s career professionals understand and value these health benefits, and many are buying SmartMoves adjustable height desks for their personal work environments, whether in a commercial office setting or a home office. Custom style choices and accessories make it simple to create the right desk to best suit their needs, says the company.

Howard Miller says SmartMoves is “US Made in Michigan” for a better constructed desk versus similar priced, lower quality, imported desks. Made in Michigan also means fast and reliable lead-times of three to five days, delivered free anywhere in the continental US. Every SmartMoves adjustable-height desk comes with a risk-free 30-day trial and a five-year warranty, and is backed by Howard Miller’s 90 years of expertise.

For more information on the SmartMoves custom adjustable-height desk or Howard Miller’s other fine furnishings sold around the world, including clocks and display cabinets and wine and bar furnishings, visit the company’s website.