Looking for an easy retrofit for outdoor lighting? Check out this wall-mount LED that offers not only energy savings but also reduced glare, sensor and wireless control options

by Brianna Crandall — April 4, 2018 — Hubbell Outdoor Lighting has made extensive enhancements to its LitePak line of award-winning wall-mount luminaires, the most notable being performance and aesthetic improvements as well as an optional prismatic refractor lens for the newly redesigned LNC2.

Silver wall-mount outdoor luminaire

The redesigned LitePak LNC2 luminaires feature performance and aesthetic improvements as well as an optional prismatic refractor lens. Courtesy Hubbell

According to Hubbell, customers use the four housing sizes available in the LitePak family for perimeter illumination in new construction and retrofit applications, including schools, factories, hospitals, warehouses and retail, for safety, security and identity. To ensure a seamless transition as customers cross over to this new generation of products, Hubbell Outdoor Lighting retained the same housing dimensions for the LNC2.

Affordable performance

At 1,500 to 4,300 available lumens and up to 130 lumens per Watt, the LNC2 offers strong performance. Customers will have the option of IES Type II, III and IV distributions, and most LNC2 configurations are Dark-Sky approved and DLC qualified, with several configurations achieving a DLC Premium listing.

The LNC2 now features 10 lumen outputs and multiple distributions for maximum light level and mounting height flexibility. It is capable of replacing up to 175-watt HID luminaires at more than 80 percent energy savings with luminaire spacing of up to five times the mounting height.

The LNC2 now has the option of a Dual-Lite designed battery backup system that provides self-diagnostics and push-to-test status indicator.

Notable form factors and options

New for the LNC2 is an optional prismatic refractor lens, another option that no other competitor can offer. Customers looking for the perfect balance between luminaire performance and visual comfort will see tremendous value in having this feature available.

Additionally, the LNC2 now comes standard with a sealed IP65-rated assembly design.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting continues to expand the availability of wireless control options in its suite of products, and the LNC2 will be one of the first in its class to offer wireless control capabilities.

Features and benefits of the LNC2 include:

  • Optional comfort lens for reduced glare
  • IES Type II, III and IV distributions
  • Inverted/up mounting orientation available as factory ordered option
  • Photocell, occupancy sensor and wireless control capabilities
  • Three housing options — standard, battery backup and sensor/SiteSync/conduit entry
  • 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCTs available with 70 CRI for optimal performance and color rendition
  • Quick mount for square recessed junction box facilitates simple installation

For more information on the LitePak LNC2, visit the Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Web site.