Quickly transform any worksurface into an active workstation with integrated cable management — see Humanscale’s next-gen sit-stand workstation

by Brianna Crandall — January 10, 2018 — Ergonomic workplace products designer and manufacturer Humanscale came to Consumer Technology Association’s CES 2018 event this week with solutions that blend integrated technology, movement and well-being, along with third-party research from the University of Pittsburgh to reveal the fundamental importance of its newest offerings. With simple and highly functional solutions in seating, lighting, desking and technology, Humanscale says it demonstrates an enduring commitment to transform the workplace with innovations that make users healthier, more active and more productive.

With a focus on movement as a key to health and well-being, Humanscale is showcasing new solutions at CES such as QuickStand Eco, the next generation in sit/stand workstations, which is described below, as well as giving an early look at ErgoIQ, a new Web-based program that enables companies to provide comfortable ergonomic workstations while saving time and money, and new developments to integrated technology solutions such as M/Connect and M/Power and the OfficeIQ connected workspace solution — all highlighted below.

The company will also have a voice on the main stage of the CES seminar series as Humanscale’s Product Manager Jim Kidd addresses how technology is enabling the integration of movement and fitness in the workplace.

QuickStand Eco

A woman using a black sit-stand workstation

QuickStand Eco is designed to transform any worksurface into an active workstation.

Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco, introduced in October, follows in the footsteps of its pioneering sit/stand solutions, the popular Float table and QuickStand height-adjustable workstation. Continuing in its commitment to function, simplicity and longevity, Humanscale’s next generation in portable sit/stand products, QuickStand Eco, is said to be sleeker, easier to install, and comprised of more sustainable materials than previous products. It is designed to transform any worksurface into an active workstation.

QuickStand Eco utilizes minimal parts and pieces, limiting its environmental footprint and maintaining a minimal, clean aesthetic. It features simple setup and is easy to transport, making it a flexible option for both corporate and home offices. QuickStand Eco complements a variety of workplaces and is designed to remain good-as-new in both appearance and functionality, even after 10 years of use. The product’s integrated cable management is designed to reduce desktop clutter.

The “effortless and instant” height adjustability encourages users to sit and stand more often, and the product can also be integrated with Humanscale’s innovative OfficeIQ software, which sends periodic alerts when it is time to adjust one’s position.

With a consumer-friendly price point, QuickStand Eco is said to be the company’s most accessible sit/stand model yet, making it an affordable wellness solution that can help improve employee performance. Humanscale notes that the launch of QuickStand Eco coincides with a new wave in flexible workplace design: many companies continue to move away from the “one-size-fits-all” standard and now offer sit/stand workstations by request, as employees seek solutions that will make their workday both more active and more comfortable.

QuickStand Eco is also designed to accommodate users of varying heights. It can hold up to 35 lbs., is available in laptop, single- or dual-monitor configurations, and offers 18” of worksurface adjustment. With a selection of sit/stand offerings for all types of workplaces and styles, Humanscale ensures workers can now find the workspace solution best suited to their individual needs, and stay healthy in the process.

Other product highlights include:

ErgoIQ (early look)

  • A Web-based online program for employees, ergonomists, facility executives and HR professionals
  • Enables employees to self-assess the ergonomic quality of their workstation and make adjustments for a healthier, more comfortable workstation
  • Alerts ergonomist or facility executive to employees who need special attention
  • Saves employers and support teams time and effort by eliminating the need for an ergonomist to visit the entire workforce
  • Provides ergonomic reports for individuals and employers
  • Provides employers with aggregated data and suggested solutions and equipment

M/Connect 2

  • A sleek and efficient USB Type C docking station
  • Backwards compatible, accommodating employees and organizations anywhere in the transition from 3.0 or 3.1 or Type A technology to Type C
  • Can charge a laptop as well as other small devices
  • Supports 2 4K monitors or 1 5K monitor
  • Works in tandem with Humanscale’s best-selling line of monitor arms
  • Acts as a universal connectivity hub, providing six USB ports (two are high-speed) alongside ergonomic comfort at the workstation
  • Designed to remove clutter and conceal permanent cables
  • Saves IT teams time by removing user access to permanent cables
  • Engineered to increase user productivity and efficiency as well as ergonomic health and comfort


  • A sleek and efficient USB docking station with high-speed USB Type A and C ports
  • Engineered to protect company intel and increase user productivity, efficiency, and ergonomic health and comfort
  • Acts as a universal connectivity hub, providing six USB ports (two are high-speed) alongside ergonomic comfort at the workstation
  • Allows users to charge personal devices without connecting to the computer
  • Works in tandem with Humanscale’s best-selling line of monitor arms
  • Provides Combo Audio and Power DC jacks to improve user experience
  • Designed to remove clutter and conceal permanent cables


  • A first-of-its-kind connected workspace solution developed by Humanscale in collaboration with Detroit-based Tome Software
  • Customized alerts prompt users to integrate more movement into their day
  • Now available to order with Humanscale’s QuickStand and Float table
  • Results of new studies from the University of Pittsburgh reveal the health impact of sit/stand workstations and benefits of OfficeIQ smart notifications
  • Uses connected casters to measure activity and encourage movement for workers without height-adjustable workstations
  • Interacts with FITBIT data to create a better picture of activity from the office to home and anywhere in between
  • Weight-loss challenge feature to incentivize teams while protecting user privacy
  • Health Finalist for Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2017

For more information, click on the specific product links above, or visit the Humanscale Web site.