Learn how FMs can save time by giving occupants this app to locate others, reserve a room, request FM services and more

by Brianna Crandall — January 22, 2018 — IWMS software provider iOFFICE just announced the release of the new Hummingbird App, a comprehensive set of “Employee Experience (EX)” solutions for the mobile workforce that brings the power of iOFFICE software directly into the hands of employees. The new mobile app brings the digital workplace to life, empowering employees to be more satisfied and productive with the tools they need to do their best work while giving facilities managers (FMs) critical employee data on how occupants use every aspect of the workplace, says the company.

Hummingbird App screenshot

With the Hummingbird App, employees will be able to “Find, Request, Reserve and Receive” on the go, and the app automatically collects employee usage data on every aspect of the workplace.

iOFFICE co-founder and CMO Elizabeth Dukes stated:

For companies large and small, “Employee Experience” wins the race. The magic of the Hummingbird App is how it effortlessly collects employee usage data on every aspect of the workplace, freeing CRE executives to gather real-time analytics to create the most responsive and effective workplaces on earth.

With the Hummingbird mobile workplace data app, employees will be able to “Find, Request, Reserve and Receive” on the go. Its seamlessly integrated platform means working remotely or on any device is friction-free. With the new, user-friendly interface, employees will have the ability to:

  • Find: People and rooms with wayfinding directions directly from the app
  • Reserve: Visually identify available spaces and audiovisual (A/V) equipment based on their needs with real-time updates
  • Request: Make service requests and see all outstanding status updates all from the app
  • Receive: Get visitor and mail notifications to keep track of important people and assets

According to iOFFICE, the Hummingbird App is a powerful EX solution that easily connects with any integrated workplace management system (IWMS) platform to give employees the ability to work effectively in their spaces while automatically collecting critical business intelligence on how they use the workplace. This artificial intelligence (AI) component insures that workplace leaders grow smarter and more responsive to their company’s needs to plan effectively for their future.

The Hummingbird App also allows employees to keep up with company culture, including updates from social events, menus, weather, to flu shots and more. Employees can be connected to the office wherever they’re working. iOFFICE says the product is also smart — Hummingbird will automatically remember the recent searches and make suggestions based on user input.

The Hummingbird App is available for Apple and Android devices. Join iOFFICE for a Hummingbird Webinar January 31, 2018, at 12:00pm CST or sign up for a demo on the iOFFICE Web site.