If you’re looking for washroom dispensers with an elegant finish that are also easy to clean and maintain, check out Kennedy’s new collection

by Brianna Crandall — September 17, 2018 — Kennedy Hygiene Products a UK-based integrated hygiene solutions provider, recently added two feminine hygiene dispensers to its Satin Ellipse collection of satin chrome dispensers for luxury washrooms launched earlier this year, according to the Cleanzine newsletter.

Line-up of satin chrom washroom dispensers

The stylish range of satin chrome dispensers consists of hand washing, hand drying, toilet tissue, air freshening, sanitizing and now feminine hygiene units. Click to enlarge. Image courtesy Kennedy

Kennedy’s premium range of satin chrome dispensers, with their elegant design and high functionality, covers all hygiene environments including business, healthcare and hospitality facilities, enabling business owners and facilities managers (FMs) to offer building occupants and clients a positive experience.

The stylish Satin range includes dispensers for cotton and paper hand drying; products for hand washing available in manual and automatic versions; toilet tissue dispensers; a toilet seat sanitizing unit; feminine hygiene bins and air fresheners. The new feminine hygiene bins come with a capacity of either 23 liters or 15 liters, with a black protective lid insert.

According to Kennedy, the fully integrated modular washroom dispensers are designed with the service specialist in mind and are prized for high quality, cost control, ease of service and ultimate hygiene. The satin chrome gives the dispensers a stainless-steel appearance and elegance, and the durable lacquer finish eliminates visible fingerprints during use, resulting in simplified cleaning and maintenance.

The Ellipse Satin collection is designed to offer various customization options to suit a wide range of customer needs and tastes. Ordering information is available online.