Need long-lasting, efficient lighting for a high ceiling? Check out this LED high-bay fixture with sensor remote control

by Brianna Crandall — March 13, 2019 — Practical lighting innovator Litetronics just introduced its LED (light-emitting diode) Round High Bay PL fixture, touted as a highly durable, versatile, and energy-efficient new approach to lighting a broad range of high-ceiling applications.

The energy-efficient LED Round High Bay PL fixture enhances visibility in demanding applications with hard-to-access high ceilings or that require powerful task lighting. Image courtesy Litetronics

Featuring a polycarbonate prismatic lens that distributes even illumination while minimizing glare, the new LED Round High Bay PL helps enhance visual acuity in everything from warehouse and storage settings and industrial and manufacturing facilities to sports facilities / gyms, retail centers, and other demanding applications that feature hard-to-access high ceilings and/or require powerful task lighting.

Incorporating a die-cast aluminum heat sink that optimizes air flow for improved efficiency and available in 115-watt, 175-watt, and 240-watt versions, Litetronics’ LED Round High Bay PL is a durable solution designed to deliver powerful light output ranging from 16,100 to 33,600 lumens.

IP69K-rated to resist the ingress of dust, high-temperature steam, or high-pressure water, IK10-rated to withstand external mechanical impacts, and operable in extreme temperatures ranging from -10°F to 115°F, the Round High Bay PL’s robust construction ensures its endurance in some of the industry’s most challenging environments.

In addition to delivering a high efficacy of 140 lumens per watt, Litetronics’ new LED Round High Bay PL can deliver further energy savings at the click of a button via a built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor that enables users to adjust settings such as brightness, sensitivity, daylight harvesting, hold time, etc.  For those applications where motion sensing or daylight harvesting are desired, users can customize settings right at ground level from the convenience of the fixture’s easy-to-use Sensor Remote Control accessory.

Offering a long 100,000-hour life and an attractive 10-year warranty, Litetronics’ family of LED Round High Bay PL fixtures features 0-10V dimming and is available in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures.  The fixtures are DLC Premium-rated, ensuring their applicability for utility rebate incentives nationwide, and are additionally compatible with Litetronics’ Emergency Battery Backup unit, ensuring their operability in the event of a power failure.  Fixture kits come complete with all of the necessary wiring and hooks to ensure a quick and easy installation process.

To learn more about Litetronics’ new LED Round High Bay PL fixture, visit the company’s website. Litetronics has been serving commercial, institutional, industrial and retail businesses since 1970 with a full line of LED retrofit kits, LED high-bay fixtures, and numerous other innovative products.