Looking for easy-to-install wireless lighting controls with a simple, intuitive interface? Here are Legrand’s latest solutions

by Brianna Crandall — June 8, 2018 — Visitors to Lightfair 2018 were able to catch a sneak peek of upcoming state-of-the art wireless lighting control solutions, touchscreen interface, and design tool for Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM), the powerful and easy-to-use lighting controls platform from Legrand North and Central America, a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Lighting controls solutions

Legrand showcased upcoming Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management solutions and capabilities. Image courtesy Legrand

David Dilitkanich, director of Business Development at Legrand, stated:

The lighting controls industry is rapidly changing, with advancements in wireless protocols and new considerations related to connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). For years, the DLM platform has been a cornerstone in commercial lighting projects because of its ease of design and installation. As technologies progress, we’re continually investing in extending DLM’s capabilities…

Created with simple building block architecture, DLM was designed to make it easy to comply with the latest energy codes and standards and increase energy savings, and to be simple to use, with intuitive user interfaces for facilities managers (FMs) and occupants.

DLM products on display included the following.

The Wireless DLM system features an unprecedented level of simplicity, scalability, and security for commercial lighting controls. Following the recent launch of the DLM wireless networking solution that connects rooms together wirelessly, Legrand will launch an array of wireless lighting control products this year for rooms. Products include a dimming room controller and battery-powered switches and sensors that are designed for easy installation and start-up, and feature innovative mounting options and app-based Bluetooth commissioning.

Wireless DLM is engineered to be a highly secure wireless lighting control system, backed by trusted hardware chips, preloaded digital identity and security profiles, and AES 128-bit encryption. The new wireless system is backwards compatible with wired DLM, giving specifiers the flexibility to design wired rooms, wireless rooms, or hybrid rooms, depending on the requirements for the space.

The forthcoming introduction of the DLM touchscreen will bring a combination of robust lighting control functionality, elevated user experience, and high-end design complementing today’s aesthetic preferences. This one device can replace multiple control devices, and with a dashboard interface offers separate screens and easy navigation for simple on/off, scene selection, tunable white control, and timers. The touchscreen offers Plug n’ Go technology (native to DLM) for automatic configuration out of the box with no additional custom programming required.

The Wattstopper LMCS software adds a new Sequence of Operation Design Tool that Legrand says alleviates the major headaches associated in project design, quote, and submittal processes. Capabilities include a pre-populated bill of materials and a room diagram generator that reduces the time it takes to develop a Sequence of Operations and helps standardize products used. There is also the option to choose the energy code, where parameters are automatically changed for the specific code. Another benefit is the Sequence of Operations report feature, which is useful in reducing tech support interaction.

To learn more about Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management Solutions (DLM), visit the Legrand website.